3 Ways Database Task Scheduler can Make your Life Easy

The need for communication in the work environment gave the rise to a modern day innovation called task scheduling. In the earlier days, businesses were relying a lot on the manual data management and task scheduling. Human tend to make mistakes and thus the graph of accuracy kept varying each time. Also, when the tasks increases in number, the cost of employee hiring goes up. With the invention of task scheduler, the custom tasks, emergent tasks, auto task handling, assignment of tasks, and data tracking issues have been eliminated to desirable extent. Any business process consists of multiple tasks and a business runs multiple processes. If not all, then most of the tasks like file execution, remote process killing, FTP management, login and logouts, Emailing and messaging, log generation and file listing can be easily performed automatically using a task scheduler. Here are some ways how a database task scheduling can make your life more easier.


  1. Form Scheduling

Organizations and businesses have been using the form scheduling since decades. Since the time the task schedulers came into existence, its has been used for wide variety of tasks like form scheduling. You must have seen the automatic forms been sent after any service you opt or use. These automatic email forms and many such form based scheduling were made possible due to task scheduler software. All one needs to do is to set the trigger of a predefined task like form link and the appropriate time and details. The user receives these forms on their email and messages through the link. As soon as the link is clicked by the user, the form can be filled.

Report Schedules

Report generation is the most basic task that every business or organization wants to do on regular intervals of time. The reports consist of employee database, revenue calculation, salary distributions and many such tasks. It can even be a small scale report database that are used by the small and mid level enterprises. Be it any kind of report generation, the task may just require the starting and stopping the report generation. These tasks can be easily scheduled using the task scheduler software and even without the intervention of manual input, the reports can be generated and shared with the management. 

Custom Scheduling

Since the tasks fall in various categories that are hard to list, some custom tasks like starting and stopping a particular service or application, system shutdowns and restarts, creating restore points, creating task logs and lists, etc. can easily be performed.

3 Benefits of Virtual Server Automation

If you haven’t heard about the term automation, let me give brief synopsis of it.  Automation is a process through which the wide variety of tasks and processes can be easily executed at the user defined time and conditions. When the tasks grow larger in number, the need for automation arises. It takes away the effort of individually managing each and every process when the software can easily do it and save time and cost. While local automation is just limited to your set up servers, the cloud automation sounds very intimidating. In the age of digital technology, cloud automation and its requirement has become a necessity. Businesses have evolved over the last few decades and believe in retaining the data over local as well as cloud servers. The benefit is that the automation can also include the cloud tasks and processes smoothly and efficiently.

1.Increasing uptime

In the modern day premium website hosting, the separate servers can be easily bought and your hosting service provider ensures the regular file management and backup. With cloud automation, FTP can easily be managed and regular website backup is taken. The cloud automation thus helps retaining the copies of the user’s data and contributes to the faster page processing. The migration option that includes taking all the website content from hosting provider to another can only be made possible by cloud automation. Now even when your website is running on one hosting provider’s platform, the same platform can be created on another hosting service.

2.Cloud Utilisation

Automation is a broad area of application and keeping it limited to the local servers is like not utilising its full potential. File and database storage can be consumed directly through cloud computing or indirectly by backing up the data on cloud servers. The cloud automation fulfills the need of limitless storage space, higher accessibility, lower latency and instant synchronization. Visualcron is compatible with Amazon S3, Azure, Google Drive, Onedrive, Box and Dropbox cloud applications.

3.Faster server provisioning

Every business needs a smooth running web platform which their users and consumers can handle without facing inconvenience. While files are accessed from the same source where they are hosted, the lag free performance is attained. The server actions behave way faster for file and data processing functions like starting and stopping instance, listing instance, creating volume, performing triggers based downloads, automatic uploading and downloading of files, deleting and creating folders, etc.  can be smoothly performed.

What Are Cloud Transfers And How They Help You

Cloud services for data transferring and retaining has become much popular in the last few  years. For some, these are ineffective while for others they serve very well. The requirement, usage and choice of cloud operator are the essential factors to judge its efficiency. We  understand that having dedicated servers at your enterprise is far more suitable than having them over the cloud. However, what if you keep the cloud service as a backup source. In case you accidentally lose your current servers due to some unfortunate event, you can always get back and set your file database. Some  enterprises directly prefer to use the cloud servers as many commit to take care of file database regularly and efficiently. A large number of enterprises already had a good experience with them. Cloud based file system can also be automated like the local file systems and processes. Let’s discuss few cloud based file transfer protocols.

Enterprise to Cloud

There are three types of cloud server hosting that an enterprise can hire. These are hybrid, public and private cloud. As the name suggests, the private cloud transfers works within the enterprise and thus leads to faster file and data processing and low amount of downtime. Private clouds are also beneficial in protection against the threats since the server data does not coincide with the  public information. Secondly public clouds retains data quite sufficiently but may also require additional services like backing up files and file system regularly. These cloud systems can be easily integrated with the automation in order to handle multiple tasks like file backups, program upgrades, FTP management,etc.

Cloud To Cloud

These type of file transfers runs between the big enterprises like popular ecommerce platforms and social media websites. Cloud to cloud file transfer technology does not include any local file transfers and the performance depends on cloud pipe size. Many enterprises have even started using the cloud to cloud file automation so as to synchronize files and access from anywhere.

Mobile To Cloud

Since enterprises do not run on mobile technologies like smartphones, tablets and netbooks, very few applications are designed to enhance the cloud transfer experience. This may include one touch applications like note taking apps, instant file recording, photo uploading, basic programs and editing applications, etc. The data can be automated for synchronization and can be later accessed from other cloud connected devices.

How Workflow Automation Is Essential For Your Business

Businesses do not run on limited programs, small storage space and simplified and organized programme management. It is comprised of many parallel processes and their efficiencies. This include regular data backups, running multiple programs and eliminating errors, etc. Without the automation, it seems impossible to handle such a large number of daily workplace responsibilities. Even when the manual method is implements, it consumes a large amount of cost and resources. Retaining the employees is an additional struggle. Any misreporting or  error directly impacts the performance of the business processes. While this all seems too much complicated, the workflow automation can easily help to resolve these concerns. In this post, we would discuss few areas where automation is very necessary to implement.

Task Scheduling

It is no surprise that your enterprises runs on thousands of tasks. Imagine you hire the employees to just handle each and every task. It can be done but does not sounds practical in terms of cost. Now, the workflow automation software runs on the trigger based scheduling. To schedule any event, plan, file execution or any enterprise level task, a trigger can be easily set. This scheduled task gets performed each time it reaches its one complete cycle. You can even revoke or fix its limits so that repetition does not occur. Various customizations can be handled pretty smoothly and easily. 

Encryption Automation

Encryption is used to secure the file database from unknown threats. It is a method to anonymize the transactions and data processing during the transfer. Once the data is downloaded, it can be automatically decrypted for getting the useable value. The smallest of the things like a message text can also be encrypted for an enterprise based work structure. Automation´┐╝ softwares like Visualcron is capable of supporting OpenPGP standard for database encryption. Various strong encryption algorithms like 3DES, AES 128 and AES 256 can be applied to the file systems for strong anonymity. 

Batch Files Executions

At a personal computer, executing 2 to 8 programs can be a normal and easy task for you to do. However, in an enterprise where a very large number programmes and processes need to be executed and managed simultaneously, the batch file execution is the only method that sounds feasible. Workflow automation software such as VisualCron can even execute remote tasks, script running, etc. This way multiple programs can be easily handled and operated automatically without complicating it all. This successfully saves a lot of time and cost to the company.

3 Specific Areas Of Business Process Automation

The official work structure is such that it demands multiple tasks to run simultaneously. There is nothing that can be done about it and so the need for an automation arises. The business process automation is a concept of automatically handling various tasks and processes without the human input. For sure the business process automation software cannot put the tap water on and off but nearly all the virtual processes like messaging, file execution and script running can be done through it.

The fact that the data that is managed on paper can be easily managed on virtual documents makes the automation play its role easily. The business process automation does not go on a vacation and does not even get tired by working 24 hours a day. This is something very useful to the business and employees. Adopting it in the work culture can eliminate the need of accessing and triggering each data type and the employees can focus on the tasks that require more attention and focus. The three specific areas where business process automation software play its role are described below.

Task Execution & Stop

Task execution simply means the run command that is required to start a process. It requires a human input in general, however; with the use of process automation software, the script can be executed and process gets started automatically. The automation software like visualcron consists of such commands that require one time setup. Additionally, the task killing feature can be used to stop the running processes. For example, a .NET exe or dll file can be specified during the task execution and a business process automation software handles it very smoothly.

Messaging Tasks Handling

Any professional environment runs on the efficient communication resources. While communication is not just limited to the emailing, instant messaging and auto emailing is equally the part of it. The emails goes through various filters like encryption before actually getting delivered. The business process automation software is well equipped to take care of both the text and html formats and is compatible with various encryption methods. Instant messaging can also be transferred to a robot based messaging for the random users of your website. This helps in retaining them while guiding them about your products and services. The system log information can be easily backed up and the messaging data remains stored in your cloud repository or local servers.

Database Task Executions

Business processes include a huge database oriented task structure in the back end. These include SQL command executions, DTS package and data transformation services, SSIS package execution and various others too. Visualcron is capable to handle all these requests and execute them the way they require to be executed.

Businesses are getting benefited by adapting to this new age technology. The automation softwares and other such solutions are now considered a necessity than an option and this concept fits really well in the today's competitive world.

Why Your Business Need Job Scheduling Software

Job scheduling refers to the assignment of certain set of task and authorities to the user. It can be in the form of task assignment by the management to the employees or from an employer to the management. Job scheduling keeps the track of work being performed. It becomes an immense pain to track each work slot in case the workload is more than normal. In all such cases, the job scheduling software is used by the businesses and firms. While it is very useful in task management, it has some additional features and benefits that amplifies its purpose.

Handling File Functions

File functions include various tasks such as copying, archiving. listing, reading and renaming the file. These all are expected to be done by the user. With the ease of task set up, the job scheduling software can easily do so. It can even write the files that are already being programmed. Touch based file execution and concatenations can also be performed. Program folders can be created and deleted with the strict user defined triggers on the software. You can set attributes for various file types and folders. Assigning priorities and highlighting the authorities is easily done with it. Once can set file permission and restrict the access to a common set of users. This is a very good alternative of privacy softwares. Visualcron is one such software and is pretty much capable of handling all the tasks mentioned above.

XML Files & Strings

XML read node tasks is capable of reading XML files. A node can be inserted in the existing XML file strings and using the edit node task, a specific node can be assigned a value and attributes. XML Nodes can also be deleted using the Delete node feature of Visualcron software.

Time efficiency

Time management and efficiency matter a lot in work environment. Organization runs on various parallel tasks that need to be executed and completed within a specified amount of time. Job scheduling software is capable of saving a huge amount of time by performing automated functions.

Flexibility with Documents

Job scheduling software like visualcron is flexible with open source documents and even the ms office documents that runs on windows based operating system. You can set various triggers on excel sheet to convert, calculate and count the characters and inputs. Various inbuilt algorithms work hand in hand with the features of these documents and does not affect the compatibility.

System based actions

System includes various kinds of tasks such simpler ones like shutdown and restarting the operating systems and advanced ones like registry value handling and printing the documents. The windows update services can also be automated. Lan and monitor auto sleep and wake up are effectively built in the visualcron job scheduling software.

4 Essential Benefits Of Workflow Automation In Your Business

When we talk about workplace automation, there is a confusion among various people in the industry regarding the topic. Definitely, automation cannot be applied to everything in a     workplace. However, it is very much relevant to be performed over the digital data functions. Applying the automation in the business and work environment signifies the reduction of human role in the data management. This is quite beneficial since the saved time can be consumed elsewhere in an efficient manner.

File transferring and update is a very basic function in any software platform. Other data functions like copy, pasting, archiving, renaming and executing the files play a dominant role in the work environment. These are just handful of benefits that we encounter. The benefits are not countless but adequate enough to simplify the workload. In this post, we would discuss some common and essential benefits of workflow automation.

Command over data

The automation is fully customizable. Even when you are not present in the office, you can set the triggers so that the process can start and execute on its own. This can be customized to a greater extent by specifying the execution time and kill time. During the vacation, IT professionals tend to do the same. You can set up task based on your priorities.  No programming skills are required to handle the software platform.

Reliable Platform

An automation software like visualcron is very reliable. You can trust it to perform the task in your absence with the same efficiency and control. File transfer protocol is handled by the inbuilt features and rules of the workflow automation software. Since the work executes on its own, the chances of wrong keystrokes get reduced and process of file transfer does not get affected.

Report Execution

The program logs are automatically generated during the execution. This helps in finding the error slots and fixing them. Also, the status report of various processes can be generated which lets you conclude the frequency of execution.

Cost Efficiency

Automation softwares like visualcron provides a lot of features for its price. Usually the automation softwares can get very costly which might have an adverse effect on the total expenditure and ROI of the business.

Automation softwares are gaining worldwide popularity with time and businesses have started considering it as an essential source of relief. It is not an overstatement to say that the automation softwares have taken the workload of the employer quite efficiently.

5 Features Everyone In The Business Scheduler Industry Should Be Using

Business Scheduler is a software that can help you enhance your business functionality by automating various processes and ultimately saving time for your employees and management. Business scheduler is popular by various names such as automation software, scheduler, auto task killer, task manager, etc. Though there are various different types of schedulers available in the business market, they vary in their approach. Some are built for home purposes, while other are serving enterprises.

VisualCron is one such business scheduler that has the capability of error handling while automating the processes. It is compatible with your windows operating system and can interact with default documents formats and programming interface. You don't have to be programmer to handle the software features. Even a  general software user can understand the simple user interface and a fast customer support is available to tackle troubleshoots.

Auto Task Execution

Task execution is not just about starting or running a process. It includes various technical processes like remote execution, script execution, process killing and assembly executions, etc. Dot Net task execution can be easily performed using the C# and languages. File transfer protocols are handled very smoothly. Auto emailing, instant messaging and system log generation is automatically  handled by the virtual tools in the business scheduler.

Multi Tasking

Business processes consist of multiple areas wherein the data handling exists. Either it needs to be handled by the employees or the business scheduler is adopted to take care of it. It requires a one time input in which you define the triggers and kill time.  Multi tasking is something that a business scheduler is built for.

Time Saving Mechanism

Not every business task is equally important. Some of the tasks cannot be performed without the human indulgence while others can be done easily using the automation technology. The latter ones require execution and killing and the business scheduler is equipped with the features to automatically do so. It runs on the user defined approach and cannot be revoked on its own. This saves a lot of time that can be used on more constructive ideas and plans.

Elimination of Errors

Business schedulers have the inbuilt strict error controlling algorithms. Human based interaction is prone to error and business scheduler is specifically designed to handle error and reduce them to greater extent.

Fast Support

Every softwares requires a troubleshoot at some point of time. The manufactures of business schedulers like visualcron make sure that their customers are getting troubleshooting support in the event of any technical mishandling or error.

Reasons Why You Need a Workload Software

Workload software carries the efficiency of handling and monitoring multiple business processes and thus prevents the hassles of manually navigating them. The documents reside on virtual platforms in any business work environment and with this, the paper work can be eliminated to a large extent. Workload software can easily be used to modify and execute various file functions. As business keeps evolving, the workload software automatically integrates with its functions and hierarchy and performs at its optimum capability. You need not to learn the programming languages to adapt to these features.

The resources of the business are consumed in an optimum fashion when the workflow software is introduced. It automates the processes and takes away the pain of manually managing every other task. Some tasks definitely require the human indulgence and efforts and such tasks are not recommended for automation. However, a vast selection of processes just run on execution and killing and a workload software like VisualCron adapts good to them.

The rules can set up on priority and even after the shift hours, the software keeps working and deliver the data. In an enterprise there are various management tasks like employee database report generation, virtual communication using instant messaging. These features are pre built in the workload software and makes the report generation and communication effective.

For job assignment or task allotment, the workload software is very useful. It can assign priorities, permissions and task notifications to the employees and runs the workflow smoothly in any work environment.

The scripts are executed for the file transfer protocols and with the use of workload software, these executions can be defined one time. We understand how important your data is. This software specifically serves for backing up your data on regular intervals of time.

Custom time can be allotted for the file triggering and even the registry can be managed remotely. Event logs are generated and auto emailing feature is serving the enterprises. Functions like system startup, shutdown, RSS triggering and even the remote file triggering is included in its features.

Extended logging is one feature that is very beneficial. It is understandable that a user can only work within his shift timings. Continuing the task from scratch or pausing it would not benefit the processes. Extended logging keeps the tasks running even after the employee's absence and automatically stops when the tasks are done. What can be more beneficial if all such features are built in within the price effective workload software.

4 Ways An Enterprise Scheduling Software Help Your Staff

It is normal to have multiple businesses managed by one person. Even when you run a single business, there are multiple processes that one have to manage. An efficient scheduling software automatically takes care of many processes by automating them. It is true that a scheduling software cannot handle all the processes, however it works efficiently wherever the automation is required. It is quite understandable that business related tasks demand a continuous processing at times. Even after the shift hours, the enterprise scheduling software can be tailored for unlimited processing. It is evident that a scheduling software is a virtual platform and does not depend on the time and routine variables. The processes can be easily set up and triggered for the specified amount of time. The task killer feature closes them automatically.

1. Workflow and Error handling

The workflow refers to the smooth processing of data and work in a channelised fashion. When such things happen, the overload and pendency decreases in the work environment. The workflow starts getting monotonous and in other words, the variable aspect of the task goes in vain. The scheduling software takes care of such repetitive tasks while you work on the creative ideas. The scope of error in the user based input is much larger than the automated system of scheduling software. The manufacturers specifically work in eliminating these redundancies and built robust solutions within the scheduling software to deal with it. In the event of error, the logs can be collected and appropriately the action can be taken to fix them.

2. Easy Program Interface

When it comes to user interface, most of the technical softwares have created a perception among the users that it would hard to handle the software features by a non technical person. In the case of scheduling software like VisualCron, the user interface is built very simple so that even a normal user can understand and use them.

3. Control Over Data

The data is precious to any business and backing it up is a task in itself. This sound very significant when we talk about the huge data in an enterprise. Backups require a regular scheduling. The enterprise scheduling software sufficiently takes care of such tasks and takes away the pain of manually updating it.

4. Advanced Tools and Features

A free automation software is capable of performing the basic tasks. However, with an optimum cost, the scheduling software such as Visualcron is loaded with advanced features like script execution, process killing, FTP handling, Auto Emailing, system log creation, archiving the files, etc. and the list goes on.

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