This is How an Automation Software Can Help in Pushing Your Business Ahead

The world of Artificial Intelligence is overwhelming itself with new inventions each day. Though A.I. hasn’t reached a level where we use robots to help us with our daily chores, we definitely are on the way. Its presence is being strongly felt in every business sectors and no matter how hard you one tries to defy it, the efficiency of Artificial Intelligence cannot be ignored. Businesses are adopting different AI based automation software and gaining the upper hand on their competitors.

The need for Automation Software

The need for incorporating Artificial Intelligence in the mainstream of your business is quite transparent and has become mandatory. Automation Software eradicates the manual execution of tasks making them less error-prone. A simple iteration statement of an Automation Software can be really helpful by making efficient, accurate and timely delivery of various processes.

If you go through different processes within your businesses, you will encounter many tasks that don’t require human intelligence or any kind of decision making and are just repetitive. Mundane tasks like these can be replaced by Automation Software and can be made more coherent. The underlying motive behind the introduction of Automation Software to your business is to efficiently use the available resources to add significant value to your company or organization.

Even the simplest processes such as task scheduling or integration can prove to be very useful for your business. VisualCron is such an automation software that can help you to improve the resource utilization of your business and enhance your control over the organization. Download your 45-day free trial of VisualCron now!

Benefits of Automation Software

Efficient Resource Utilization

Using Automation Software, you can save your employees from doing mundane or repetitive tasks. This will make the overall working environment of your organization work-friendly by nurturing more creativity. The employees can be used in more intelligent tasks and thus help in addition of some real value to the company. Even the simplest of Automation Software can be prove really useful and can reflect in the performance graph of your company.

Improved Return On Investment

By the use of Automation Software, you can get the same tasks done at lower cost as you no more need manual execution of employees. The one-time installation cost of Automation Software can save you cost equivalent to monthly wages of many employees. Besides this, the use of automation software doesn’t need any kind of coding skills and can easily be operated by managers themselves.

Increased Reliability
Let us just face it: Humans are not as efficient as machines. This statement might seem a bit controversial but when things come to replacing manual execution with automation software for repetitive or recurring tasks; it is absolutely true. Automation Software is very much less prone to any kind of errors. This ensures more efficient execution and timely delivery. Automated procedures make sure that any predefined task is carried out as it is stated without any anomalies.

These are just a few among many benefits of Automation Software such as it ensures increased availability of resources. VisualCron is an integration, automation, and task scheduling tool for Windows that have many satisfied users.

Understanding Data Automation And Its Importance

In this era of a competitive business environment, it has become very much important for a company or an organization to focus its available on adding significant value to the company. Technology is helping business owners to achieve this with the help of various automation processes. In spite of all this, the in-depth potential of different automation processes like data automation is yet to reach to a considerable portion of businesses.

So, what are you, as a business owner, doing to fully utilize the available resources to get maximized results? Understanding the importance of automation processes and using it successfully in your business organization, are two completely different aspects of the same perspective. Various business owners, in spite of being aware of the wide range of advantages of automation processes, fail to draw benefits by implementing it completely.

The onset of automation processes is marked long ago. Machines are developed to decrease human intervention by reducing manual labour and thus human intervention. Let us start with one of the most popular automation processes - Data  Automation.

VisualCron is one tool which serves many purposes - integration, automation, and task scheduling, with an easy-to-use interface. Catch you free 45 day trial of VisualCron, now!

What is Data Automation?

Technically speaking, Data Automation is the use of intelligent processes, other types of equipment, or systems for collecting, processing, or storing chunks of data. That is, replacing manual execution or human intervention with machines, software, and other applications of artificial intelligence is called data automation. For example, a barcode scanner allows you to receive all kinds of details of a product and thus, saving you from manually entering it. This is one of the regularly used processes of data automation.

Continuing the underlying motive behind automation processes, data automation saves a lot of time from manual feeding, processing, or execution of data. While businesses could do a lot with this saved time, it is not the only reason for you to incorporate data automation to your business. Mundane and recurring tasks of your business, which don’t need human intelligence for execution, are the major areas where Data Automation can be of relevant use. These executions can be made more efficient and less error-prone by Data Automation. Data Automation can be an efficient troubleshooter for many of your business problems.

Why is Data Automation important for your business?

It happens more than often in an organization that a plan keeps getting scheduled further due to acute shortage of resources and time. This is why the time factor plays a major role in the growth and development of any business. Data Automation can help your organization a lot in this aspect.

A few precursory events are to be carried out before letting the play of a data automation begin. For example - the primary step in the process of a source data automation is defining the standards of the source data. When a manual execution of data is carried out, a significant amount of time is lost in the process of decision making. This is more critical than is realized because time-loss is encountered even for minor decisions in a successive iteration. This can be completely eradicated by the use of Data Automation. It will help you to maintain the consistency of data execution without any time lags.

Data Automation is a productive and cost-effective option. Businesses don’t realize but with time, a major portion of their workforce can be replaced with automation processes and machines. Replacing these processing or any other type of data executions with automation processes is very beneficial for your business - both financially as well as in terms of productivity.

Data Automation helps you in maintaining a consistency in your results which is a major issue faced by many businesses where data execution is carried out manually. This helps your business to focus the available resources on more important tasks, which helps in addition of real value to the company. WIth data automation, your business won’t have any issues regarding the availability of a driver.

Now that you understand its importance, introduce Data Automation to you business and stay ahead in the competition. VisualCron has been in the automation process for long and has great customer experiences.


As per the  statistics of HFS Research “ The market for enterprise robotic software and services is growing at a breakneck pace of 47% growth in 2018 to surpass $1.5 billion.”

Robotic Process Automation is being increasingly adopted by various industrial sectors owing to its ability to reduce human efforts, minimizing errors and increasing production efficiency. Joining the league of Cloud and Big Data, RPA is a relatively new branch of process automation. It makes use of software with artificial intelligence and machine learning functionalities to automate high volume, repetitive tasks.

But considering that it is a still a “work under progress,” There are many misconceptions about RPA making business-owners apprehensive about adopting them in their sector. Make sure that you don't give any credence to the following misconceptions the next time you hear them:


This is a common misconception, owing to the use of Robotic but RPA does not mean humanoids like robots are performing all the processes. Instead, software codes perform tasks, as ordered by humans and streamline the workflow through machine learning.


There is a wide belief that RPA is not driven by the IT department, which is false. RPA includes software, robots and other IT infrastructure. Without the support and integration service of IT department, n robot would be able to operate the computers, access the application essential for performing the tasks. Make use of VisualCron proficient IT automation and RPA Software and tools for all-encompassing automation.


Most of the business-owners hold the belief that RPA is an Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant. RPA works on rule-based algorithms and has to be fed information, assign the task to capture, process and interpret streams of data, trigger appropriate responses and communicate with other processes.


RPA is not a fully automated system. The information and the pattern have to be fed to the system by a human. The automation increases efficiency by performing the repetitive tasks with maximum accuracy and in less time. This eliminates wasting valuable time and resources by forcing their employees to do manual, repetitive work which is prone to error that might only reflect in the output.


This is common hype surrounded with implementing an  IT Process Automation. When compared to the traditional business processing techniques, RPA is relatively cost-effective as well as easy to apply. Adopting VisualCron RPA, you won't have to replace your existing system, and you will get foreground as well as background automation, made by customer-driven development approach at an affordable price.


RPA, unlike the common belief, can not only be implemented in sectors relying heavily on software. It can be applied anywhere to reduce the monotony of repetitive tasks, the errors, increasing the efficiency and enhancing overall output be it healthcare, manufacturing, retail, etc.

Now that the misconceptions about RPA have been busted make sure you implement an adept RPA system like that of VisualCron, which unlike any of its contemporary RPA providers offers not only Foreground automation but also robust Background automation providing you an added and necessary benefit with RPA technology.


One can not deny the power of workflow automation and how it possesses the ability to change your business game significantly. But still, several businesses are apprehensive about implementing workflow automation, because of the common misconceptions associated with it.


Since automation is based on technology, does not mean it can only be operated by individuals that have robust programming skills or are adept at technology. VisualCron automation tools and software does not require the operator to have proficient programming skills. With it's easy to use interface and the ability to interact across multiple platforms, it offers best automation solution for any business.


Yes, changing the integral aspect of a business to automate it but implementing automation is not as challenging and time-consuming as it sounds. They’re easy to maintain, and you can quickly adjust them yourself if your needs change. Instead of Windows Job Scheduler, implement Visualcron advanced automation, integration and Task Scheduling Software that facilitates connection to any existing task scheduler instance and import settings and translate to the VisualCron standard.


Automation is not designed to cater to a certain firm size; it provides cost-effective solutions, increases productivity and eliminates errors for all businesses. It can effectively manage and process a higher volume of invoices to save costs for large companies. Similarly, it can organize the processes, save costs, avert errors, and free up time to carry out more important tasks.


If you think you will lose control over your business process with automation performing every task, you are profoundly mistaken. You have total control over the process, and can make any adjustment according to your requirement, at any time. You still have the full freedom to set the workflow rules according to per business needs, change protocols between processes without stopping workflow, determine who has access to it, etc. Automation software like that of VisualCron provides enhanced control and visibility. It will help in holding employees accountable for their action, if the output is not what’s expected, thereby assisting in measuring efficiency.


If you are a small-scale business, wanting to adopt automation, but the assumption that workflow automation tool and resources are expensive is refraining you from doing so, we suggest you get Visual Cron automation tool. By automating regular, repeatable actions with VisualCron automation tools and software you are reducing costs, saving time and increasing productivity. It incorporates the customer-driven development approach, is easy to use, processes more than 100 custom tasks and also facilitates remote automation, all at an affordable price tag. 

If you weren't adopting workflow automation owing to the misconceptions mentioned above, it's time you stop believing them and immediately implement the VisualCron Workflow Automation software.When compared to the Windows Task Scheduler, this advanced automation tool and advanced task scheduler ensures enhanced efficiency,  mitigates manual errors, and is able to better concentrate on the working towards the primary goals of the business, without overspending on manual processes. They facilitate easy to use interface and control based error handling technology to perform more than 100+ custom tasks at a reasonable price. Make the best use of your time and resources by automating your business and operate it more efficiently.


In an organization and a system, there are various types of work processes that serve a different kind of requests. Following are the standard work processes:
Foreground Processing: The processing wherein the execution of a program preempts the use of the processing system.
Background Processing: Background processing does processing program that does not require user's interaction. It is a non-interactive process that runs in the background of the interactive process, without interfering with the foreground processing. With VisualCron Job Scheduler tools, you can expect efficient automation, that will boost your business’s productivity, with their customer-driven development approach at an affordable price.
Depending upon the priority, background jobs are classified into three categories:

Termed as Class C, this task holds the lowest priority and is processed in ascending order, after the task of high and medium priority.  

The hold medium priority and are periodic jobs that are processed after Class A tasks.

Tasks that are time critical are termed as Class A priority, and they put on one side one or more background processes. They ensure the functioning of R/3. The user, per their requirement, have to decide how many background processes they need to hold back for class A priority.
Following are the advantages of running background jobs in SAP:

* In SAP, users are required to do several tasks repeatedly, and many times the same job has to be done by multiple users at different times. This means that every new user needs to be adequately trained to utilize the scheduler tool and execute the task. With background processing tasks can be automated, jobs can be copied, and this ultimately saves a lot of time of the user.
* With background jobs, periodic specific activities can be scheduled on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or a yearly basis. This allows the SAP tasks to be accomplished automatically and provides the user the freedom of not having to remember when each activity needs to be performed in the SAP.
* You don't have to wait for one command to complete to run other commands.

* With background processing, extensive detailing can be left out, simplifying the process for the user and avoiding unnecessary. It also facilitates quicker dissemination, and since processing steps need not be accomplished manually, the individual workload is significantly reduced.
* Since background processing allocates memory differently, the SAP makes use of background processing for background work processes to allow for secure processing of large volumes of data. It aids multitasking, and the user can set up a 100 background jobs and continue to work using the dialog work processes.
* Specific program in SAP system takes a long time for execution, exceeding the threshold time. In such cases, SAP system will generate a runtime error stating that the program took too long and the output won't be generated. Background processing does not have a time limit with respect to the execution time; hence the non-interactive processes that are taking the excess time can be executed in the background.
Background job processing is essential to ensure the smooth operation of the SAP system. If you are looking for implementing SAP Job Scheduler or any job scheduler tool in your business, you can trust upon VisualCron to provide you with the best automation, integration and task scheduling solutions. It offers easy to use interface, are adept at performing more than 100 custom task and provide control based error handling: all this at a reasonable price without compromising on the quality.


For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned- Benjamin Franklin

We live in a world of fast-paced technology and innovation. A minor calculation error leading to significant business loss cannot be accepted. Therefore to reduce the time wasted in doing repetitive tasks, prone to manual errors, resulting in a massive loss in the output, businesses should implement workflow automation.

A series of sequential steps that need to be carried out one after another with proper approvals at each stage from the beginning to the end is carried out by a workflow. Workflow automation is a technology solution that automates all the process involved in the workflow by eliminating most of the human intervention requirements. It helps reduce/eliminate the time spent on repetitive operations. This proves beneficial in the long run as employees would be able to spend more time on their primary tasks better.

Following are some other benefits of workflow automation, enough to convince any business to implement it instantly:

* It is impossible to eliminate manual euros, but with workflow automation handling the repetitive, the possibility of human error can be avoided.

* With fewer errors, the risk of potential losses to the business also decreases. Automatically handling repetitive jobs gives employees time to improve the business-critical skills.

* With the adept handling of repetitive task, workflow automation not only reduces the possibility of error or significant loss but it also saves time, which subsequently increases the productivity.

Improved work efficiency, coordination, enhanced productivity, business scalability; all this is possible only when workflow automation is implemented correctly.

If you want your implementation to deliver effectively, make sure you avoid these workflow automation mistakes:


Workflow Automation is an intricate system that involves processing several tasks. But all the processes cannot be automated; hence it's essential to have a thorough knowledge of all the processes involved before starting the automation. Identify and understand all the procedures correctly, else it might result in sever ambiguity, and the output might get compromised.


If your budget is less, that doesn't mean that you have to compromise on the software and hardware performance and quality. VisualCron offers affordable and low maintenance workflow automation tools that can automate and solve over 100+ custom task with their customer-driven development approach.


Conventional methods and poor tools could result in piling up of a massive volume of data, delaying the whole process and adversely impacting the result. Hence you should invest in a workflow automation tool from VisualCron that makes use of standard protocols for file transfer and script execution across different platforms and has a control based error handling system.


Regardless of how competent you think of your technical knowledge, essential and urgent things like Workflow automation can only be best understood by applying expertise approach of utilizing the right tools. To ensure a seamless workflow, adequate strategy, tools and resources should be implemented. These things are best left in the hand of automation experts like VisualCron that facilitates automation of all processes and saves significant time and money in your business.

Implementing workflow automation in business has become imperative since not only it frames structure and order, but with VisualCron Workflow Automation tools and software, you can gain better insights into the business, determine the redundancies, reduces micromanagement, improve the quality of products and services and much more.

Why Powershell Automation?

More and more organizations are inclining towards implementing automation for streamlining business operation and cost-effectively increase the productivity. One such scripting language and automation tool introduced by Microsoft Windows and Windows Server for simplifying system management are Powershell Automation.

Powershell is a powerful automated task framework with a command line shell and scripting language integrated into .NET Framework helping manage manual workload.

To take control of Windows environment, Powershell facilitates a massive set of inbuilt function utilizing the power of .NET Framework.

Following are the attributes of a robot PowerShell automation tool:

  • Dynamic runtime method tools
  • Agile scripting environment
  • Easy to use interface with Windows Management Instruments

There are several reasons as to why one should start using PowerShell:

  • Powershell is both A command line-shell and a scripting language. It enables an administrator to perform the automated task on both local and remote Windows system since it comprises more than 130 command lines tools for functions. Finding Powershell tools and resources is easy.
  • Many tasks can be accomplished with a robust PowerShell tool like error-handling, event-based triggers, audit log and enhanced security features.
  • Utilizing PowerShell implementation like that of Visualcron, PowerShell Task is also beneficial for an enterprise since you will be able to keep and edit the PowerShell script within Visualcron and simultaneously take advantage of Visualcron Variables.
  • Unlike text-based output, Powershell is object-based which facilitates performing multiple actions such as filtering, sorting, measuring, grouping, comparing on the object as it passes through the channel.
  • Given the Powershell object-based nature and secure integration with the .NET Framework, and other such technologies, Powershell is not only helpful for system administrators, but it can also help with the SQL performance monitoring, supporting end users without any interruption, etc.
  • With Microsoft introducing Exchange 2007, not all tasks can be performed in the Graphic User interface, and GUI will only be used for specific administrative tasks. Hence for other obscure functions, one has to utilize PowerShell.
  • GUI’s designed by Microsoft work as the front-end interface for the PowerShell and a PowerShell code is generated every time a function is performed through the GUI to complete the requested task.
  • With the help of PowerShell Automation, any task can be completed with a line of code.
  • Automating PowerShell through Powershell Task Visualcron picks up errors and output so that they can be passed on to the upcoming task by the operator.
  • Learning PowerShell means learning a wholesome package wherein the learners acquire the ability to control and automates associated integrated technologies simultaneously. Learning PowerShell also helps in being proficient in working and handling specific executables like net6.exe, schtasks.exe

But not everyone has the kind of time to sit down and learn automation, especially if you are responsible for running a large scale organization. You can utilize PowerShell task by VisualCron and their automation a, integration tools to simplify your business operations so that you can focus on the core values and strategic work of your organization in a more efficient manner.

Batch Processing

There are several domains in an industry which means an indeterminable number of tasks to operate. To ensure productivity, all these tasks should be kept on track in a streamlined way. An organization should incorporate and implement an effective job scheduling system to ensure smooth, error-free operation with enhanced productivity.

The changing business world has led to the emergence of big data which means more task to work on. Old ways of processing jobs won't work any longer. Companies not implementing automation or a job scheduling system are burdening their IT Department to perform the administrative tasks manually using repetitive steps that would drive up the cost to produce the product, taking up their valuable time which they would have otherwise spent on focusing on the core values of the industry.

Automation is a necessary component to yield best results at low cost and with proper utilization of previously underused or overused resources. For industries to be able to handle the chains of operation that leads to the manufacturing of products and services, they need automation to sustain various enterprise apps and performance, called batch processing. VisualCron Batch Automation allows capturing and controlling exit codes and outputs to provide value-added application execution. It also facilitates handling implementation of batch files with a more managed alternative to batch execution.


Batch processing is a process in which batches of jobs are completed in a sequential, non-stop, sometimes simultaneous order by the computer, ensuring large jobs are finished in a small chunk to maintain efficiency during the debugging process.

Batch processing has evolved from arranging census data by a simple punch to an automated workflow that is aimed at releasing more time and money for the organization.


1. Batch processing is an invaluable tool to reduce overall production cost, increase efficiency and make the business operation more stable. Answer the following question to determine whether or not your business should invest in a batch processing and automation system:

2. Are you manually checking new files and doing other jobs? How do you ensure that the jobs are done correctly and in the right amount of time? How do you ascertain the timely completion, processing, and submission of the task in the correct order?

3. Do you have a system to check whether a particular job is taking too much time? Or is the next job dependent on completion of the first?

4. When checking for a file, does your script spiral time and gain to ensure efficiency?  VisualCron launches any script with an optional RUN AS Credential, returning the exit code, standard output, and standard error, enabling to pass arguments into the executable. VisualCron Batch Automation Task is optimized for VBScript and JScript execution through cscript.exe which allows more control over the output.

5. Can your current set up trace reliance of the job over the servers? Does it have retries function available at task-level? How is the server getting affected by the retries?  How will you know whether the dependent server is available or not?

If you were able to answer these question in a breath without any hesitation, then you have it all sorted, which is a rarity. But if with these questions, you were able to better gauge upon the lagging aspect of your business processing, then you need an adept batch processing software like VisualCron Batch Automation to be able to generate high-quality productivity at reduced operational cost for fast and accurate results.

File Transfer Protocol: At A Glance

Since FTP Software development in early 1970 till now, it has been boon to business to securely transfer data from one server to other client computers over the internet. Many business owners have stated that implementing FTP software in their business not only keeps their confidential data secured but also helps them to modify and share those data securely. FTP Automation in VisualCron provides you the best version of file transfer protocol that seamlessly performs to reduce the time while keeping or sharing the data.

Adding VisualCron to your IT department enables you to efficiently streamline a bulk of data that are shared, transferred and received amongst employees. Although, you will find enormous options in the IT sector having a VisualCron version provides you more comfortable, secured and efficient performance in day-to-day tasks. Let’s take a look at all about FTP Automation:

What is FTP?

Copying files using two computers hailing from the same local network requires drive or folder to share and copy the files. But, if you want to copy files from one computer to another computer that is differently located requires FTP Automation to transfer or share the files safely. You can also simply share the files using internet connections, but that can be an abrupt and insured method to transfer the file. Hence, FTP works as a function with safety armors to safely relocate or transfer the file from one computer to another. The FTP Automation requires an uninterrupted internet connection to transfer the files easily. While it requires an internet connection, it can also work between computers using the different operating system.

How FTP Works?

The file transfer process is performed in basically two ways-uploading and downloading. When you transfer a file from your personal computer to server, it is called uploading and when you transfer a file from server to your personal computer. It is known as downloading. These performances are done through FTP Automation which further uses Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol. So, if you are downloading files using File Transfer Protocol, then make sure it is being done under strict security.

Another way to securely use the File Transfer Protocol is using through FTP Clients. It is the safer option to upload or download files that reduces the chances of any virus or malware. When it comes to the security of communication of data, VisualCron supports FTP Automation ensuring the complete security while sharing or transferring the files.

Why businesses require FTP software?

An FTP Automation is a great invention to ease the daily tasks for/in businesses while ensuring a seamless and secure file transfer amongst computers. Companies need to share large files over the internet, and that should be sufficiently secured. The FTP Automation ensures precisely the same for businesses and provides them peace of mind. This is also important for not only managing their own network but also facilitates the secured exchange of documents amongst company employees.

To Conclude

Having a protected mediocre is essential for any task in any business and that’s why FTP has been developed. Simply, it is a safe middleman ensuring the file is safely being transferred amongst computers regardless of their networks and locations. To keep yourself updated with other revolutionary software, stay connected with VisualCron.

Job Scheduling Can Make Your Life Error Free

What is Job Scheduling?

The process of dividing the available resources (generally processor time) to different tasks/jobs by operating system is called Job Scheduling. Basically our system handles job queues that are waiting to be executed and are performed according to the set priority. Job scheduling make sure that all the tasks are committed on time. Operating systems like Windows, Linux, etc. feature basic Job Scheduling.

In this era, time has become the topmost priority. The explanation and importance of job scheduling is quite simple - to save time. Carrying out the tasks performed by job schedulers, manually, can be pretty hectic and prone to errors. Also, computers are used by every other person and not just tech savvies. Job Scheduling used to be quite hectic and required knowledge of scripts. But time has changed and we are gifted with technology that even a layman can understand and bring to his/her use. Job/task scheduling is no escape. VISUALCRON is one such company which excels in automation, integration and task scheduling which enables you to automate real-time scheduling.

Job Scheduling in Linux

As already mentioned, Linux facilitates Job Scheduling. As Wikipedia says - “Linux is a family of free and open-source software operating systems built around the Linux kernel.” So in Linux, many important task are to be carried out at regular intervals. Linux provides the feature of scheduling jobs in the future. Job schedulers work on various scheduling algorithms such as - Shortest Job First, (SJF) First Come, First Served (FCFS) and few others to decide which job is to be executed first. Linux provides us with utilities cron and anacron which helps us to schedule a command or a script to run at a specified time/s.

Advantages of Job Scheduling

1. Job done on time.

Job scheduling makes sure that all the scheduled tasks get executed right on time.

2. No extra memory space is required.

The basic definition of scheduling itself states that it executes jobs from the prioritized queues in the available system resources.

3. Less error-prone.

Well, humans can never be as efficient as computers as far as job scheduling of a large number of tasks is concerned. Schedulers make sure to spot the errors, report accordingly and provide a fix for them.

4. Reduces manual labour.

The tasks carried out by schedulers, when performed manually becomes quite hectic and requires considerate amount of manual labour.

The concept of job scheduling was quite useful a few years ago but along with advancement in technology, a fine refinement has been brought to job scheduling. Real-time scheduling is the new big thing and are proving themselves to be quite helpful.

Job scheduling made simple with easy to use interface with no prior programming language experience, easy error handling, etc. provided by companies like VisualCron.

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