Few Reasons Why You Should Start Using Job Schedulers in Your Business

In today’s technology-driven era, it becomes really important that you use every tool at your disposal for the benefit of your business. Businesses run on profit and it is necessary to ensure the efficient utilization of available resources. Technology has helped a lot in improving the efficiency of businesses to a great extent - from auto attendance record to electronic reading high-profile business documents and much more. Automation (practical implementation) is one basic ideation that is being used by businesses across the globe to make the most out of their bucks. Job Scheduling is one such automation process and is carried out by Job Schedulers.

Job Scheduling, as the name states, is the process of scheduling (queuing/ lining up) different tasks for execution based on their priority. A task can be as simple as copying a file or printing a document. Tasks can be as simple or as complex you want them to be. Operating systems you use in your daily life, like Windows, Linux, etc., realized the importance of task schedulers long ago and this is why they have a few in-built task schedulers. Right now, everything might sound really technical but using task schedulers is not tough. Even with zero knowledge of coding, you can use Job Schedulers for your benefit.

With today’s level of technological advancements, there are many Job Scheduling Software that is highly-reliable, easy-to-use and has multiple other features too. VisualCron is one such software. VisualCron is an automation, integration, and task scheduling for Windows. With a response and support system in place, use the most out of this software and make your businesses more efficient. Click here to download your 45-day trial of the software.

Why Choose Visual Cron?

1. Easy Creation Of Tasks

Using VisualCron, you can create tasks for everything. With its easy-to-use interface, VisualCron allows you to create tasks with a click and drag. The available tasks are from a wide range of technologies - Net, Process, Social, and many more. Use your 45-day free trial version of this software with its full functionality.

2. Progressive Updates

Unlike other Task Scheduling Software, new features are developed and added to the basic version of VisualCron. VisualCron has developed very quickly to be one of the most progressive task scheduling tools present today. Besides the regular updates, VisualCron offers to customize and add options to suit your business needs.

3. No Programming Skills Required

This is one of the best features of VisualCron. It can easily be used with zero programming skills. It has 100+ defined tasks for different environments such as sending messages on Telegram, publishing on Facebook, automation of SQL Queries, and much more. You will not need a technical expert to operate this all-in-one integration, automation, and task scheduling too.

There are many such ways VisualCron can help your business. VisualCron offers room for Custom Driven Development, integration with your current tool, offers API, and much more. With all these features, VisualCron offers a complete and proactive support system for smooth functioning.

Download your 45-day free trial version of the software right now!

Common Mistakes In Robotic Process Automation Implementation

Using RPA tools, a company can configure software, or a “robot,” to capture and interpret applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. RPA scenarios range from something as simple as generating an automatic response to an email to deploying thousands of bots, each programmed to automate jobs in an ERP system.

The aforementioned is an excerpt from the CIO's take on how robotic process automation RPA is going to shape the business process management, to direct businesses towards an efficient, and productive future.

In RPA, machine learning and artificial intelligence are utilized to perform the repetitive tasks that otherwise take too much time in operating, verifying, rectifying. Software robots are programmed to perform these tasks to enhance the efficiency of business processing.  This also reduces the possibility of error and leads to generation of qualitative results. One such proficient tool is VisualCron, which goes one step further with RPA technology and combines it with background automation with file triggers, giving you complete control to effectively control and reuse the files/tasks created.

But since RPA is a relatively new and rather intricate concept, businesses have tough time trying to navigate their way about machine learning and artificial intelligence. Business operators have been anticipating a technology that would yield more productivity, reduces wastage of time and money. RPA is one such technological advancement, but businesses and organization in the excitement of implementing it in their processing, end up doing more harm than good.

Which is why we are going list out some of the common mistakes business make when implementing RPA in their system:

Starting Without A Clear Objective:

Unless you have a clear objective in your mind as to where and how do you plan to implement the RPA, it is all going to be a mess that would be difficult to navigate through. Before implementing RPA know:

* Your business’s goal;
* Your business processing lagging areas
* The people who will play a vital role such as IT department, audit and risk managers, etc.

Setting And Forgetting Automation:

Robotic Process Automation is a program and the "set and forgets" ideology will not let its potential be entirely put to use. It is imperative that the project is timely inspected for scalability, flexibility, ensuring that adequate investment is made in automation and RPA is implemented in appropriate infrastructure.

Automating Work Processes:

When you strategize RPA implementation, it is vital that all the processes should be carefully thought of for automation. Implement RPA where it would yield the best result, and you can calculate the maximum jump in efficiency. This will save time on testing and maintenance, facilitating better decision making for RPA tools.

So if you are planning to implement a new RPA system, we would suggest you purchase a credible tool like VisualCron automation, integration and scheduling tool, which aside from proffering various types of automation such as RPA, also facilitates Batch Job Scheduling, integration to escalate business and workforce efficiency and rate of accuracy. Unlike any tool you will find in the marketplace, VisualCron gives value for money service in its affordable tools, development of which is driven by customer’s feedback. VisualCron's tools require no proficiency in programming skills, and with its easy to use interface, it performs more than 100 tasks in a hassle-free manner.

Looking for an automation, integration and scheduling time that not only guarantees performance but also save significant time and money, so that your employee's talent is justifiably invested in a more productive task?

VisualCron is your answer.

Download your 45-day free trial today!

How Can Small Business Benefit From VisualCron Task Scheduler?

Do you know what’s worse to a small business than being constrained by their budget?

Unsatisfied Customers.

Yes, small businesses, unlike multinational corporations, have limited resources to serve their customer and enrich their experience. The experience becomes sour when there is no adequate scheduling on business’s part in dispensing services to the customer base. We understand it would be an added expenditure to hire a dedicated employee to schedule the appointments, calls or update the consumer’s information details but minor negligence or ignorance in scheduling can adversely impact the customer’s retention rate, which no business wants.

Thinking what is the need of a task scheduling software for a small business?

Well, a task scheduling software is needed to:

* Save hours gone in manually performing the task
* Eliminate the repetitiveness which drains employee of interest and motivation to work in an      organization,
* Streamline small scale business
* Optimize cost and utilization of resources
* Lessen management workload
* Maximize revenue opportunities

This is why we suggest you purchase and implement VisualCron advanced task scheduler and automation tool for your business so that the hassle of scheduling an appointment and keeping track of them is no longer your headache. VisualCron Job Scheduler/Task Scheduler unlike the in-built scheduler which was cost extensive and led to wastage of significant time and vital resources, is an advanced task scheduler that provides multiple scheduling solutions to create and manage several jobs and task, all at once. It is a cost-effective solution to readily schedule more than 100 tasks, without compromising on quality and security.

Having said that let us discuss how a small business can benefit from adopting a task scheduler?

* VisualCron advanced task scheduler and automation tool are easy to implement and operate scheduling solution which can also work alongside your existing task scheduler without interfering with the ongoing processing. What it does to enhance the efficiency of the tasks being performed is import the setting and translate it to VisualCron standard.

* By replacing manual task with VisualCron job scheduling software not only do you save significantly on cost and vital resources, but the vulnerability of error is reduced to minimum. Thereby your small business can rest assured that all task being completed are accurate and up to date, removing your burden of having to cross verify every single task.

* Unlike the inbuilt task scheduler, VisualCron's advanced task scheduler and automation tool provide a cross-platform and centralized scheduling solution. Cross-platform tasks scheduling and execution is a hassle with inbuilt task scheduler resulting in wastage of considerable time, without guaranteeing 100% accuracy. But with VisualCron's centralized solution you get easy management, and the business can control the functionality with a more clear outline of the system, with cross-platform scheduling solution, execution and scheduling can be done promptly across multiple operating systems.

You are wondering why shell extra bucks on an advanced task scheduler when you are doing fine with the inbuilt task scheduler?

Well, you have your answer in the question itself, you are just doing fine with an inbuilt scheduler, which for your information is costing you hefty bucks and is a hassle to manage with it lacks actions and tasks. Also with the built-in task scheduler error handling is not as dependable as it will only notify you when something fails.

Adopt VisualCron’s advanced task scheduler and automation tool to enhance your business’s productivity and efficiency and cut down on money and resource drain, effectively.

Download a 45 day free trial of Visual Cron Task Scheduler today!

Ftp Misconceptions, You Should Not Believe

We have gone to lengths in discussing how the file transfer protocol came into being and how over the years it has evolved into a more efficient file transfer software. You can read about FTP transfer in detail in our previous blog.

Despite being a competent tool that provides a comprehensive platform for storing and transferring files in an organized manner, that helps save significant time and money, there are several misconceptions that users have regarding file transfer protocol. In our today’s blog, we discuss and debunk these misconceptions in detail:


  • It is not as straightforward as sending files from one point to another:


Yes, the original purpose of file transfer protocol was to transfer bulk files from one client to another quickly. It was considered ideal for sending large files. But file transfer is not just that, it needs a secure channel for transfer of data. If you see FTP only as a tool to get the job done quickly, then you are profoundly mistaken. File transfer needs compliance, full visibility, adequate security controls and permission, the need for a larger bandwidth to accommodate extensive files, size of which are increasing with time. With VisualCron supporting file transfer protocol, you can rest assured that all your data transfer will be adequately monitored to ensure security.


  • FTP is a necessity since every transfer contains sensitive information.


Business’s refrain from implementing and utilizing the file transfer protocol, with the excuse that their business does not involve the sharing of any sensitive data. Even if you might not consider the data to be sensitive enough, every information transfer between enterprises which is big enough for an email should be adequately secured. With the passing time, sensitive data is only going to get bigger and should be adequately protected with data regulation policies. VisualCron facilitates the option to choose from private and public key authentication, along with the certificate, if required. VisualCron secures the communication to ensure file transfer protection.


  • Emails are not good enough to transfer large files:


Its human nature to do the work which involves the least resistance. But this should not be put into practice when it involves transferring vital and sensitive information about the organization, employees or employers. One such practice is transferring confidential information through personal email. Not only is this breach of compliance and violation of work rules and regulation, but it also makes crucial organization data prone to malicious intent. They say it is hard to kick the old habits, especially the bad ones like using personal email for business/work purpose. Then why not implement an alternative like VisualCron File transfer protocol, for more secure and efficient communication.

Yes, all these are nothing but misconceptions but why not save more time and money when you can, with automate FTP transfer by VisualCron?

VisualCron supports various file transfer protocols from FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SFP. VisualCron automation tools enhance the efficiency and security of transferring files, thereby reducing wastage of  time and money, which could be otherwise be invested in achieving business goals.

Not only automation but with VisualCron, you can also trust upon getting your integration and scheduling streamlined in a more sophisticated manner at a considerably reasonable price. VisualCron tools offer a discernible programming interface which does not demand users to be expert in a programming language, hence can be easily navigated by any employee, without compromising on quality and security of the service dispensed.

Download Visualcron 45-day free trial software now.

Understanding Batch Automation And Its Role In Today’s Business World

By now, it’s a well-established fact that technology has a major role to play in business operations of every industry out there. It can be in the form of a simple biometric system for recording employee attendance or something as complex as automation software for high-priority tasks. It is not at all surprising that the reliability on technology has increased, given its higher efficiency and better quality of delivered tasks. Batch Automation is one of the most popular technological incorporations in today’s business world.


Batch Automation - A Brief Introduction

Batch Automation, quite literally, is the scheduling the execution of small parts (tasks/scripts) from a bigger job. This means a job is split into smaller (repetitive tasks), coded individual scripts (small automation programs), and are scheduled execution by a scheduling software. Batch Automation is automating execution of jobs (in batches) often scheduled to be executed simultaneously.

If you look back in time, the history of batch automation started way back in the 1890s with the introduction of punch cards for recording census data by Herman Hollerith. It made the process efficient and which, obviously affected the whole process in a positive way. Batch Automation evolved its way over the past few decades and, currently, used by different business in some form or the other.

Business owners, sometimes, refrain from using Batch Automation in their company's operations due to the sound of technicality attached to it. Batch Automation is simpler than it sounds. In fact, there are reliable and easy-to-use automation software that can be used effectively for Batch Automation in your business with zero knowledge of coding or any other technicalities. VisualCron is one such software.


VisualCron is all-in-one automation, integration, and task scheduling software for Windows. You can use this software to easily create your own tasks and use them for a variety of customized options categorized under General Automation, Task Scheduling, Batch Automation, Robotic Process Automation and much more. Click here to download your 45-day free trial of the software.


The Role Of Batch Automation

Today’s business world has become more competitive than ever. Every industry is filled with equally competent businesses. With easy access to resources, it all ends up to how efficiently an enterprise uses its available resources and, automation processes such as Batch Automation have a major role to play in boosting the productivity of business operations.

Again, it’s not merely about the efficiency of a company or a business which is going to make it stand out in the crowd. Automation Processes offer an error-free execution of scheduled tasks along with round the clock timing. Not only this, Batch Automation and similar processes cut a lot from the labor cost of business. In the longer run - low processing cost, error-free execution, higher productivity, and much more can help to boost production and set standards of your product/services.

Another major problem that’s reported by businesses is a lack of coordination between departments and better monitoring. Batch Automation Software, once scheduled, runs without any external assistance. Once integrated, it provides room for better management and upscaling with the help of live monitoring and spontaneously made business decisions.

VisualCron is all-in-one automation, integration, and task scheduling tool for Windows. Click here to get your 45-day free trial of the software.


Almost every organization makes use of FTP, SFTP or SCP to transfer files and crucial business documents from one client to another over a network in an easy and effective method. With the passing time and advancement in technology such as inception of automation, file transfer protocol has become a rather easy and more secure way of communication, as in the transfer of information amongst businesses.

But there has been one looming concern associated with the transfer of a file over a network protocol and that is of, security. Today we will be discussing some tips that you can incorporate to enhance your FTP server’s security:




The first step in identifying and curbing security breaches and threats is to keep a log review of who is accessing your FTP website. This can be done by enabling logging. The way you will have an accurate record of which IP addresses are visiting and accessing your site.





Data when being transmitted from one client to another is prone to being leakage, theft, etc. which is security during data transmission is crucial. Cipher is one such means to ensure safety and security in data transmission of SFTP and FTPS. Cipher, an algorithm is used to encrypt the original data with a key and the transmit it. Make sure the cipher you are using is an updated version. Furthermore to verify if the transmission is secure or not, hash, another algorithm should be put in place.





Although by default, the password setting is turned on, often the organization is lazy when it comes to securing their data transmission with a password. It is essential to make sure that your password adheres to the organization’s compliance standard so that they can pass through the security audits.





If you want to outgo and not any incoming if file, then we suggest you configure your FTP site in a manner that the user can write the data without accessing or reading data from your directory; safeguarding your content from going in the hands of an unauthorized user.





To profoundly safeguard the file accessing and transfer, we would recommend you incorporate the provision to filter the IP addresses into whitelist and blacklist. Blacklisting will prevent unauthorized access or modification to your files, for a short period or forever. This way you can block specific geographical regions. Additionally, you can enable the auto blacklisting in your FTP to automatically prevent the file transfer from massive attacks.

FTP Automation has made sure that the transfer of files is done in a most secure manner possible, there’s always room for more information and extra knowledge.

VisualCron’s tools supports various file transfer protocol, ensures maximum security in the transfer of file across the network by facilitating the choice to select between private and public key authentication, using the certificate as a unique identifier.

With VisualCron tools by your side, you get a simplified interface you don't have to be an expert in the programming language to traverse through the operation.  You can trust upon VisualCron in providing you with adept automation, integration and scheduling tools and software at a reasonable price without bargaining on the quality of the services.

Download the 45-day free trial today!

Batch Job Scheduling: How To Choose The Right Provider For Your Business?

The end-quality of a business’ final output - a product or a service, depends on the efficiency of their background processes. In the end, it’s not mere about efficiency but it is about reports, insights gained, resources utilized, and what not! If it were not for computers, the paper industry would have been quite in demand right. Computer and the innovative minds behind the monitor have developed a lot of automation processes to improve the overall productivity and operations within a business. Job Scheduling is one such process which allows you to line up different jobs/tasks and execute them based on their respective priorities.


What is Batch Job Scheduling?

Now, the obvious question is - what are batch jobs and how their scheduling can they help your business? Batch Jobs, in simple terms, are a set of instructions that are executed as one unit. Scheduling such jobs for execution, based on their priority, is known as Batch Job Scheduling. They are carried out by batch job scheduler. It doesn’t matter whether your business is a small-scale or large-scale, batch job scheduling can benefit your business in many ways.

Manual Processing or execution of tasks has a fair room for error occurrences and multiple possibilities to be delayed. Using a Batch Job Scheduler, you can not only monitor the whole process in a better way but also can execute different tasks in a disciplined manner. Businesses are keen on incorporating technologies that can help them to improve efficiency and reduce error iteration.

Handling your scheduling needs, in-house, or hiring a separate IT department to oversee Batch Job Scheduling is a very inefficient option and it defeats the whole purpose of Job Scheduling. This is why it becomes important to choose the right provider of batch job scheduler for your business. Here is a list of things to look for in a service provider to choose the right fit.


  • The Cost Factor

One of the basic reasons for turning to Batch Job Scheduling is saving big bucks from your budget and this is why you should consider the cost you are spending to find the right Batch Job Scheduler. Choose a provider who fits within your financial budget and suits your requirements, at the same time.


  • Experience Matters

Choose a provider for Batch Job Scheduler who has been in the industry for a while now - “experience doesn’t mean outdated”! Check if the offered scheduler is not outdated and suits your business’ requirements. Experienced providers of Batch Job Schedulers know their way in your industry, inside out, and suggest the best one for your business.


  • Reviews and Ratings

One of the best ways to make sure that you choose the right provider of Batch Job Scheduler, make sure to check on users and clients reviews on their product. Search online for Batch Job Schedulers and choose the one with constant good reviews.

There are many such things you can look for in a service provider of Batch Job Scheduler. VisualCron is an all-in-one integration, automation, and task scheduling software for Windows. With the years of experience in the industry, VisualCron can help you with your Batch Job Scheduling needs. Fill this form to get your 45-day free trial of the software with full functionalities.  

Task Scheduling - Are Inbuilt Scheduled Tasks Enough For Your Business?

No matter what industry your business functions in, technological solutions have made operations or, even the simplest of tasks, simpler and easier. Actually, technology has completely changed the functioning of our business over the past two decades. Be it a simple automation registering the attendance of your employees or something as big as generating invoices for your customers, automation processes have made their way in the mainstream of enterprises. Job Scheduling is one of the most commonly-used automation processes.


Job Scheduling, quite literally, is the process of scheduling job/s (a task) for execution based on its priority. For example, if you have two jobs - read an electronic document and print it in a particular format. You can use job schedulers to execute both of these tasks respectively, without any room for delays or errors. As such, Job Schedulers can be a big asset for your business and, as far as this aspect is concerned, a question that keeps popping up is - is Windows Task Scheduler (Scheduled Tasks) enough for the Task Scheduling needs of your business? Instead, you can use high-level Job Scheduler Software for Task Scheduling of your business.


Windows Task Scheduler

Windows Task Scheduler was originally launched as a System Agent for Windows 95 and continued to be an integral part of every version of Windows after that. Windows Task Scheduler allows users to automate the execution of various tasks in Windows and it can not be denied that Windows Task Scheduler is a good job scheduling tool for small profile simple tasks. But if you talk about using these scheduled tasks or Windows Task Scheduler for your business, would it fulfill its purpose - improving efficiency and decreasing error costs?

Windows Task Scheduler is not enough or efficient tool for the task scheduling needs of your business. There are multiple reasons that can be used to explain this. Here is a list of reasons why Scheduled Tasks are not enough for your business needs.


  • Chances Of Errors

Even the smallest of error can prove to be a big threat for your business. Window Task Scheduler can be programmed to do simple tasks such as sending automated emails. The issue is that your operating system has too many things on its plate and this along with a few security concerns, make Windows Task Scheduler not efficient enough for your business systems.


  • Cross-Platform Scheduling Is Not Possible

Today’s businesses require task scheduling solution that allows cross-platform scheduling and Windows Task Scheduler doesn’t support this. For instance, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) require working with different operating systems. Your business all-in-one task scheduling tool.


  • Lack Of Essential Features

Windows Task Scheduler lack the essential features necessary for your business unlike some popular Job Scheduler Software like VisualCron. VisualCron gives you the parental control over the execution of scheduled tasks and allows you to monitor and control each step of Job Scheduling.

There are many such drawbacks that are enough to say that you need an all-in-one, efficient, less error-prone, and secure Job Scheduler Software for the Job Scheduling needs of your business.

VisualCron is an automation, integration, and centralized task scheduling tool for Windows that can help your business with its high functionality and cross-platform scheduling feature. Download your 45-day free trial version of the Job Scheduler Software today itself and enjoy its full-scale functionalities for your business!

Elevate Your Business Growth With Job Scheduling

Technology has played a major role in the evolution of business. From automating small processes to handling high-profile tasks, technology is being used extensively in handling business operations. Businesses, nowadays, have easy access to all kinds of resources and thus, an efficient usage of the available resources can help you get ahead of your competitors. To this cause, solutions such as automation and job/task scheduling can really help.

Job Scheduling - A Brief History

People often tend to believe that Job Scheduling is a new technology but, factually, the need for Job Scheduling was realized back in the 1980s. Its importance was realized soon and by 2001, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) came into the whole scene.  

If we look at Job Scheduling now, every operating system uses some Job Schedulers to improve the functioning and carry out its tasks on a priority basis. Job Scheduling is carried out by Job Schedulers and businesses are using various tasks such that tasks that send messages or are programmed to handle social webs services, to perform better in the industry. Let’s start with an introduction to Job Scheduling.

Job Scheduling - An Introduction

Job Scheduling is the process of allocating system’s resources to different jobs/tasks and scheduling its execution based on the priority. As mentioned, Job Scheduling is carried out by Job Schedulers that are computer programs created to carry out automated executions of particular tasks by putting them in prioritized job queues. Job Schedulers come in handy for tasks that require less human intelligence more execution of iterative commands.

Businesses, after a certain point in time, hit a stagnant line in their growth graph and this is when Job Scheduling like DTS Job Scheduling that is used to execute commands within a database. Enabling the provision of job scheduling in your business operations will bring a significant rise in the efficiency of your business and reduce the reliance on manual management. Using automation in terms of job scheduling not only increases efficiency but also contributes to utilizing the existent infrastructure in the best possible manner.

Here are a few ways Job Scheduling can help your business.


  • Cost-Effective Solution

Job Scheduling Software can help you save some big bucks. Job Schedulers don’t need any supervision and can run for hours - executing tasks that it is programmed to. This saves you a lot of money - from the costs of error-processing, labor costs to infrastructure costs and much more!


  • Increased Reliability

Manual Execution of tasks such as running SQL commands has a fair probability of errors. Job Scheduling Solutions such as DTS Job Scheduling, on the other hand, are very accurate and execute their tasks, endlessly, without any chances of error-occurrences. This increases the reliability and integrity of the executed tasks/jobs.


  • Off-The-Clock Timing

It is an established fact that with computers and automation, it would have been impossible to get off-the-clock timing. As mentioned, Job Schedulers do not require any human supervision and, thus, can provide you 24 hours of off-the-clock timing per day. This amount of overtime can cost you, otherwise.

There are just a few advantages of using Job Scheduling for your business operations. Many businesses make the mistake of relying on their IT team for job scheduling when experts in the industry are the best way to go! VisuslCron is an all-in-one tool that provides integration, automation, and task scheduling at the same time. We prioritize the needs of our customers and thus, offer you a 45-day trial period. Download your 45-day free trial with full functionalities right now!

Things About Crystal Report Scheduler You Should Know Of

If you are a programmer, you must have heard of one of the most popular reports generation program, i.e. Crystal Reports. Programmers from all over the world use this Window-based reports writer due to the ease of creating reports with it from multiple data source and minimum coding. Within one report, by utilizing Open Database Connectivity, it can access data from most widely used databases and integrate data from multiple databases.

But the dynamics of crystal reports can be further enhanced by automating it. This can be ensured by making use of Crystal Reports Scheduler Software. Crystal Report scheduler is a third party tool which is created specifically for scheduling and serving Crystal Reports, automatically and on-demand. These tools by VisualCron can be easily implemented without the administrator having to spend copious time and money in its implementation.  Crystal report scheduler by Visualcron will provide easy generation of automated reports that can be easily distributed to a person or group.

Crystal report scheduler facilitates:

  • Grouping, subtotal, totals;
  • Creation of formulae to perform calculations;
  • Production of subreport, which can be embedded in the subreports;
  • Export into different format such as PDF, HTML, etc.

Regardless of your business size, be it small or large, crystal report scheduler from VisualCron benefits all, with its following features:


As mentioned before Crystal Report Scheduler enables automating running and sending out of reports, in varied formats such as Excel, Word through several methods such as fax, prints, email, etc.


Crystal report scheduler bu VisualCron facilitates distribution and exports of reports at a specific date and time, only by integrating real-time monitoring in the process of report distribution.


One of the essential features of Crystal Reports scheduler is that it facilitates ease of use. All you have to do is schedule a report, including the number of times and gap in between repetitive running. Then you will have to select the format in which want the file to be exported or distributed. After that, you have to enter the sender's name and share all these reports data with them. The reports will be generated in the specified format and timely send out to the individuals or group you had assigned to.


No one will deny when I say, a repetitive task not only wastes time but in doing so plenty of money and other crucial resources are drained, which could have been utilized to achieve the objective of the business better. Crystal report scheduler by VisualCron will add value to your business, resulting in quick, easy and automatic generation of reports, thereby saving time and vital resources.

With VisualCron Task reporting, you can rest assured that all your reports be it billing, job performance, etc is timely and accurately reported without any inconsistency. Visual Cron task scheduling software is made with customers ease in mind, which is why it provides more than 100 task from different technology which doesn't require any programming proficiency. With Visualcron you will get the quick and easy handling of tasks at an affordable price.

VisualCron is your one-stop solution for all the automation integration and task scheduling needs.

Get in touch with Visual Cron, today!

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