Understanding Web Macro Recorder Automation

If you are new to the concept of web macro recorder, let us provide some insights before discussing it further and connecting it with the automation. Web macro recorder works on interactive format or the behaviour of activity that happens over the web portal like webpage. Like bots and crawlers that search engine uses, the web macro recorder records the data activity like download and upload clicks and storing some particular area activity into useful information in its repository.

The web macro automation tools works on the principle of web scraping usually in HTML format and tracks your browsing behaviour in order to mimic it next time.  In simple words, your data integrations, click activity, scrolling behaviours and tracked using the tool and stored into digital signals. Even though, the web pages and other web platform does not directly supports the features, it certainly allows it to do so.  Though the tool can be only used by the user and is restricted to his usage domain.

The downsides of the Web Macro Automation is that it does not provide sufficient performance or an expected performance without collaborating it with an automation tool such as VisualCron. It becomes partly ineffective in the whole concept. The existing web macro automation tools are not effective enough to keep versatility but instead they are programmed on the older programming models. To make it practice well, you need to login to your system and should only focus on the activity behaviour without using other parallel programs.

Also, the data file handling is usually not supported in web macro automation. The dynamic behaviour such as downloading and uploading files is also weak. The two parallel web experience during its functioning also becomes difficult since the programmed needs to be rigid towards one particular web activity. In the event of program or windows pop up, the pop handling is not effective too. The uploading, downloading, client certificates, proxy and incognito modes lack support.

Now, as VisualCron stands as a powerful web automation tools that is effectively designed in compatibility with chrome's structure, it is way faster than many Automation tools available in the market. The password and sensitive information are stored encrypted and thus provides a better security of your data. It uses file filters that are effective in handling various web instances. It easily overrides the browser popups and handle various languages. It also supports flash and inbuilt chrome structure.

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Why Cloud Automation Is Getting So Popular

The cloud is becoming the source of data backup, data resource, data execution and anything that you can possibly think with data interpretation. With time, the businesses and people have recognized a fact that cloud automation cannot be compromised and it can become a great addon to the all time local data interpretation. The cloud resides on the trustworthy servers like google drive, dropbox, onedrive and various other hosting provides that carry big name in the industries. They maintain multiple copies of user data and have every possible thing to keep it maintained.

The loss of data here is rare and is generally not expected since these are huge firms that have invested a lot in business worldwide. On the other hand, you always backup your data on local servers. This way you already remain prepared for the worse.

However, dedicating your enterprise to the cloud handling becomes a task in itself. Automation was required and hence the concept of cloud automation took place. These enterprises are already providing the automation feature in their inbuilt bundles and packages. However, these features are basic and do not suffice the business requirements where versatility is demanded.

We are living the time that no generation has ever lived. Our data is mostly secured by efficient resources. Time consumption and cost convenience became a concern for businesses and therefore, the cloud automation was introduced. The softwares like VisualCron provides the cloud automation support and is compatible with most of the cloud service providers.

Your IT department also can handle the software in the background to maintain the hierarchies of system and synchronization among data structures in the real time. This prevents constant instructions follow up and saves time and energy of the employees. This can be used elsewhere for the tasks where automation cannot be applied in the enterprise.

Some of the top features in a Cloud Automation setup consists of automatic file transfer, connection explorer handling in a go,  monitoring cloud file activity using triggers, handling cloud instances.

Data values a lot for any organization whether it is mid level or a big enterprise. With automation, you can relax while the file backup takes place in the background. On the whole, we recommend cloud automation to the businesses that has not yet started using it. It can potentially help you in various aspects and serve towards the growth of your enterprise.

Top Tips To Use Your Trigger Events More Effectively

The sales issues are amongst the top concerns of companies. Many a times the best of marketers or sales professionals are not able to bring in any valuable solution to the problems related to the sales of the company. This is where trigger events can be of a great help to the companies.

What are trigger events

Trigger events are considered as a reason for the changes in behaviour, innovation of ideas and improved sales opportunities of the people. Although, trigger events are not a new process, yet many of the professionals are not being able to utilize it completely.

Triggers can bring prospect changes in their job titles on LinkedIn, on companies getting good funding and news articles that highlight a company.

Sales tools can be used to track the prospects in order to alert you to open an email or even sending a Google Alert about the recent news of the company.

These trigger events are primarily designed to advance the sales of company. The two types of trigger events at VisualCron are primarily a part of Job and also lets you have a control on the Job. these trigger events includes:

  1. Time Triggers

These triggers are useful when you wish to get an interval schedule or a custom schedule for your events. Using a custom schedule allows detailed schedules while on the other hand using an interval schedule provides a set and defined trigger on complex events.

  1. Event Triggers

Using event triggers lets you schedule the events on the system. The changes in file, end or start process, new emails or other status updates can be handled through these triggers. Real time data is provided with these triggers like variables having filename and path are provided with file triggers. Some of the event triggers at Visualcron includes VisualCron Trigger, File Trigger, Process Trigger, Registry Trigger, etc.

How can a Business optimize its speed

Trigger events can be tracked conveniently and thus it is important to act on them quickly. Taking in spontaneous actions on the notification of the trigger events helps in getting more productive results.

Integration of the trigger events into the sales process and sales call workflow thus becomes a very important task. The trigger events should be set according to the needs of the company.

Although, these tasks take a little time in implementation but using these Triggers ensures effectivity of the sales techniques. Using Google Alerts and Social Monitoring in order to follow the trigger events can guarantee stronger results.

At VisualCron, the team of professionals aims at equipping the clients with quality services to ensure best results.

Integrating PowerShell With VisualCron For Better Automation

PowerShell is a programming language which is object oriented along with being an interactive command line shell for microsoft windows. A shell is basically a user interface which provides you with access to operating system and its various services.

PowerShell Task

Windows PowerShell is developed by microsoft for task automation and configuration management built on the .Net Framework. Initially starting out as a windows component only, it was later turned into open-source and cross-platform to cater the large audience.

PowerShell offers various ways for the task automation process which are:

  • Cmdlets appear as system commands that are very small .NET classes that implements a particular operation.
  • Scripts are the combined set of cmdlets and associated logic.
  • Executables are the standalone tools or applications.
  • Instantiation is related to the standard .Net classes.

PowerShell helps out in performing various tasks and the things that you can do with powerShell are described here:

  • PowerShell as a tool is really helpful in solving a tedious administration task very quickly along with helping in automation.
  • It is really helpful in making a time consuming task run in the background. It can make it happen as if you have a cmdlet that is taking some time to run, PowerShell can be used to send it in the background to complete while you perform your other tasks. It is a great tool through which you can execute many commands at once which will complete on their own schedule.
  • Scheduled jobs are native to the Windows PowerShell as Windows Job Scheduler is a feature of Window PowerShell. It has the ability to schedule background jobs. So, in a way PowerShell powers the windows job scheduler.
  • PowerShell works amazingly in the situation of a non responding command. Sometimes it happens that a window service running doesn’t respond to the stop command. In that case PowerShell can be used to perform the action equivalent to the task of Task Manager.
  • With the help of PowerShell you can export the permissions to audit the access or you could even take a quick look at access control lists(ACL) for the purpose of security configuration. Exporting of NTFS folder permissions is quite easy with the PowerShell whether it is recursive or not.

Integration of PowerShell with VisualCron

Integration of PowerShell with VisualCron adds to better automation which is explained here:

  • Visual offers a dedicated PowerShell host which edds to its efficiency and effectivity while providing you a smooth platform to work on.
  • It allows you to keep and edit the PowerShell script within VisualCron.
  • You can even take the benefit of VisualCron variables anywhere within the scripts and the supplied parameters.
  • This all provide you the added benefit of using dynamic and real time values that are converted into text at runtime later on.
  • VisualCron picks up any errors and output so that you can pass on these to upcoming tasks during the automation of PowerShell Through PowerShell task.

So, Windows PowerShell is a great tool that provides you with various functions and ease to perform your tasks. If you are looking for PowerShell Automation, dont look any further as we at “VisualCron” provides an automated, integrated and task scheduling tool for your windows. You may contact us and order your own to make your windows powerful with PowerShell.

4 Top Features To Look In An Automation And Task Scheduling Tools For Windows

Windows comes with its inbuilt resources that are adequate for a regular user. However, in business or task intensive workflow, you might requirement more support that an automation software like VisualCron can provide. While windows based automation is usually seen as a limited functionality, it is broad area of application and only a true window user understands it better than anyone else.

Since the introduction of windows 10, we have constantly imbibed the updates and worked on creating the software platform compatible and user friendly. Windows is used the most around the globe and with this vision, we come  up with an advanced level Windows Automation Software. Some of the key benefits are described below.

Easily accessible interface

This is what a user always expects in a work platform and we understand it. Therefore, VisualCron software interface is not only user friendly but also provides a self explanatory impression as you start using it. Most of the features embedded in it can be easily understood by hitting and trying and for rest of the features, you might need an IT professional that can handles programming and query handling knowledge. Additionally, our customer support is always there to support in the event of troubleshoots.

Helps in saving time and money

Automation as the name suggests itself says that the tasks would happen on their own. The story is not limited to this but much more than that. With automation, you can create a one time trigger and enjoy the automatic data and process handling. This saves a lot of time and resources that you can invest elsewhere and make your business more efficient.

Eliminates human error

The software works on algorithm structure and thus prevents the scope of error. In case of human based inputs, the error handling remains poor as compared to an automated system. In the event of system errors, the error log would let you go through the failed processes and re-execute them.

Tasks for everythings

No matter whether the task runs in background or foreground, you can set trigger for any windows based tasks and make life easier. When we say everything, we literally mean it. We strive hard to remain updated with the microsoft windows patches to provide your a real time update so that you don't struggle in any sort of Task and Process Scheduling.

We recommend you to go for automation if you have not yet opted it for  your business.
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Expert Tips On SQL And Database Automation Services

There is no denial to the fact that data plays an important part in every company. All these companies depends on a constant and accurate recording, tracking and updating of the data to keep a track on the business process. Such data is also helpful for the employees to get an estimate of the sales, accounting reports and other essential details of the company.

With the help of Automation Process, such data are updated online so that all the workers can make their access possible to the database.

Here are 3 reasons which makes database management one of the most crucial part of any type of business.

  1. Data Access

A programming language is used in modern database management systems which is a structured query language used to access, delete or update the data within the tables. SQL queries is used to provide access to the programmes that includes open source MySQL systems and Microsoft SQL Servers. These websites then made can display data of product, photos, descriptions, prices etc when server software is connected the data in relational database management.

  1. Data Updates

An automated database function which is fully functional gives the space to the users to update, delete or enter any data/information. This allows for accurate updates in the details of sales or operations.

  1. Data Searches

One important part that database management system should ensure is that it should build and maintain the data over a lifetime of the system. As the relational database management system have multiple tables it allows the users to search through the systems. Such tools allows the customers to search a product by price, brand, name, color or other features. 

The blog brings 2 easy tips for optimizing the SQL services.

  1. Creating proper Indexes

Learning proper index is very important to boost the performance of SQL queries. Using proper indexes makes the access to data base quicker and more suitable in difficult situations. Not using any index can result in the slow working of the queries. Also, if everything is indexed, the updates and insert triggers will become inefficient.

  1. Read the Execution plan

The manner in which SQL may perform will hugely depend on factors like database model, indexes available and also on the type of information that should be retrieved. One good way of understanding and keeping a track of the queries is by analyzing the execution plan procedure.

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Batch And Exe Automation For Your Business Internet Needs

With the growth of various businesses within a global complex web, the demand for automation is increasing to make it easier to control tasks remotely. To make the daily tasks easier, various companies looks for automation services that can make their job much light. In such a case, Batch and Exe Automation with the value added features of VisualCron is the best solution for your enterprise's needs.

Batch files and executables have been used for a long time for performing custom operations on servers. It goes well with Java, NET, DOS.

Batch and Exe Automation

For managing a lot of things at one time, the best option is automation. Windows task scheduler is what will benefit you in the long run. The batch scheduler is not a  very complex thing to understand. It basically makes your life simple. Just put the inputs in it and it will automatically do the things that have been assigned to it.

In simple words, you can leave your windows and go away or do some other work and the batch scheduler will automatically perform your pending tasks like downloading  .exe files running and saving the files, program execution and all other window based tasks that you have assigned to it.

VisualCron offers a wide scope around batch automation. It offers features like Execute Task, Remote Execute Task and Execute Script Task.

The Execute task launches any script and returns the standard output, error and the exit code. With the remote execute task, you can perform the job of the Windows Task Scheduler by accessing it from a remote system.

The Execute Script Task is one of  kind in its own way. It runs on the vbscript and jscript execution, taking into account cscript.exe. If you execute your tasks in this way, it will help you to get hold of more control over the entire output and the result for all these kinds of scripts.

Benefits for your Business

Performing tasks single handedly for a business, within a given span of time is really hectic. For example- if a person takes care of all the business internet needs like file transfers, running processes, converting files and the like. Businesses require the output in real time and manual work takes too much time to be finished. Also, there is a risk of error, owing to the work pressure. With VisualCron, you can handle all these tasks with ease, by putting everything on automation.

Before coming to any conclusion, give our products a trial. Download a 45 day trial absolutely Free and leave everything to the automation service.

How to Improve Windows Performance And Assigned Tasks Automatically With VisualCron

Business work throughout the world has become competitive and requires the output to be delivered on a given span of time. Performing all the tasks and processes of an organization by human labor consumes a lot of time and the whole process proceeds slowly. So, how about managing all the work and processes of your business with an automation software?

A large number of companies, whether big or small trusts windows for carrying out their everyday work. With VisualCron you can efficiently manage the performance of the windows and the assigned tasks.

Have you come across the term Robotic Process Automation? Yes, this is what will make your work easier. It eliminates the use of human input or labor or intervention and automates the process of manipulating, executing, triggering and executing with the system process.

Improving the Performance with VisualCron

With VisualCron, the cyclic nature of Robotic Process Automation works at its best. It uses the cyclic algorithm to perform the various functions of running, executing and such other functions. If you need to automate various tasks, you do not need to be a technological expert. With VisualCron, the Robotic Performance Automation becomes easy to use.

Many businesses and individuals prefer using VisualCron as it offers to handle various tasks and processes at the same time. The tasks get complete within a specific time and the best part is the output is always an efficient one. It provides some commendable features to the otherwise normal windows operating system, like that of extended logging and error handling features.

VisualCron can do much more to help you out with work, than can be imagined. Let us discuss a few such points.

With VisualCron, you can carry out task killing and remote killing. In absence of this feature, often unnecessary tasks continue operating and consumes a lot of memory, slowing down the computer. The joyful part is with VisualCron you can perform it from a remote system as well.

Emails have become a necessary mode of communication. But, replying to hundreds of mails daily is really not possible. With VisualCron, you can automate the emails and carry on with other tasks without worrying about replying.

Files forms an important part of all kinds of business. Who wants to lose all the data and records? But it requires a good amount of manual labor to click on each file and save it in cloud. With VisualCron you do not need to worry about putting in effort for this process. It will automatically transfer your file, and will take care of copying, pasting, reading, writing, renaming various folders in huge numbers.

Did you find it interesting? Of Course life and work will be much easier, when an automatic software will handle work for you. Consider VisualCron to increase your window’s performance. Visit Us today!

4​ ​Ways​ ​Workflow​ ​Management​ ​Has​ ​Evolved​ ​Application​ ​Workflow

Business runs on the numerical approach and when we seriously sit and talk about it, we find that the tasks and processes are so huge in numbers that one cannot easily handle each and every thing on his own. You have to hire a huge team of employees that work for your enterprise and handles these tasks in an efficient way. Over the period of time, it has been realized that not every business is capable enough to optimize business workflow through manual approach and this is where the Automation came into its role.

Workflow management software is a software that can handle multiple programs and tasks on the basis of user defined rules in it. Here are the four ways it has evolved the application workflow in the enterprises.

  1. Tasks For Everything

A workflow management software like Visualcron is built with multiple technologies imbibed into its interface so that it can handle the tasks and processes structures efficiently without affecting the hierarchy. It goes pretty smoothly with all the versions of windows.

  1. Save Time and Money

The money and time are the two aspects that carries a huge amount of importance in any business. Most of the business are targeting towards growth while optimizing the cost and time. What can be better than the fact that a Workflow Management Software can handle the tasks done by employees in a way efficient manner?

It is true that not every other task can be performed using it and manual interaction is definitely required. However, this is the whole idea of the workflow automation software. And every other task that can be performed by the software cuts out the hassle for employees. This way, they can efficiently consume time and hence, the business can consume the cost on other aspects like employee management and welfare.

  1. Extended Logging Capability

Now, for all the virtually operated tasks, the human presence does not matter much. Even when your employees have left the office, the tasks keep executing in the background  provided that these are already been added or trigger by the user with the predefined end and start time. With this, the error logs will keep the track of failed processes and you can re-execute them or work on them later.

  1. File Functions

Various file functions like copying, pasting, deleting and etc. takes a huge amount of time when done during the working hours. It can be easily left for the day end by setting the relevant triggers. In this manner, work would go on efficiently without creating issues.

Why do People think Task Scheduling is a Good Idea

Have you ever kept a tab on how many window tasks do you carry out again and again? Well, if not, the count is quite a lot. If they could be automated, it would be such a great thing, right! Task Scheduler is precisely what you needed and it’s here. As, planning out task is essential for a good business, task scheduler offers many benefits in terms of better management of tasks, creating a list of tasks to be completed et al.

VIsualCron is an advanced Automation Tool which can connect any existing task scheduler to its standards. It is quite easy to move the Windows Task Scheduler to VisualCron.

Let me explain you how task scheduling has gathered the attention of the people and is increasingly in use.


VisualCron will maintain a list of all the tasks that needs to be completed and the person who has taken the job to complete them. It also provides a clarification as and when the task gets completed. It ensures that all the people in the company are aware of any progress on a project which provides a clear communication and better working environment in the organization. In this way, any issues regarding communication are alleviated.

Quality and Accountability

VisualCron works smartly by assigning each task to a specified person in the organization. This allows a company to select the people according to their expert areas who can offer best and something unique to a particular task. Each person then, on the basis of their expertize, is assigned the work which ensures that the task is completed and on time. It further facilitates accountability as by assigning the tasks, the top authorities know who is responsible for which assignments.

Task Management

The basic purpose of VisualCron for employees is to develop tasks. These tasks could be related to the existing projects or the projects that are due in the future. Each project is composed of several smaller tasks that needs to be completed by different people. Visualcron is the one that creates all these tasks and further provides a lot of information about the same. Due dates, time commitment of the task and the budget among many others. As it helps in creating a list of ongoing tasks, it is accessible to all the employees which keeps them updated about it.  

Automation of Boring Tasks

It is quite boring and time wasting to do the same repetitive tasks all the time. The scheduler helps you out in deleting all the files in a folder such a the download file. You can fire off emails at regular intervals with the help of this, in case you have to send the same files over and over again. If you want your system to be awake at certain times, it has this covered too.

Windows task scheduler requires you to understand the scripts and executables and further maintenance is a costly affair. VisualCron provides you a better option in terms of easy testing without the risk of breaking, audit logs, a clear overview of the current status and so much more. Get a Price Quote or use Cart to choose you very own VisualCron task scheduler.

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