How to Harness the Power of Automation software

The streamlined business processes is the key to your business growth. The backend processes are one of the most important asset of any business. As they form the very basics of your business, it is imperative that you find the perfect solution so that nothing is at risk for which you have worked so hard. Ineffective business processes that are just scattered across departments can be the cause of frustration for employees. It will further get down heavily on your time and cost. A necessary step in this direction is Automation Software that is VisualCron.  

Visualcron have a lot of benefits to offer you but it is upto you to harness the power that is ‘VisualCron’ to make your business grow and prosper. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve it.

Reduce, Reduce and Reduce

VisualCron is the automated software that increases the efficiency thus reducing the time and the cost. Not just this, the redundancy of data is also eliminated with the help of this. Errors are a common occurrence when people are working, but VisualCron makes the ‘mistake free’ task a possibility. For instance, you can make use of IT process Automation Software that involves doing the same task again and again. So, through this, you can reduce your workload and the time to complete the task which obviously will cut down your costs.

Set and Excel your Goals

VisualCron is the answer to your business growth. To have a prospering business, you need a deeper insight of how exactly your business is performing, which helps you in setting the goal and the right plan to achieve the same. Automation gives you the opportunity to keep track of and improve your objectives to achieve more sales by automating workflows, reducing errors and better process performance higher revenue per customer by providing them a satisfactory and consistent customer service.

Easier Compliance

There is an ever present pressure on companies that keeps on intensifying to prove that they are operating in accordance with the ever increasing and evolving legal standards such as ethical guidelines and corporate social responsibility. VisualCron, automation software can alleviate all the concerns regarding the compliance and accountability regarding every employee. It makes sure that all rules are enforced by providing a digital paper trail.

Future Focused

Every business owner wishes for time to develop their business. Visualcron, gives you the perfect opportunity in terms of valuable time to indulge yourself in the important business matters and see the bigger picture than wasting the time in menial tasks. The automation software can be used in different fields and departments such as business process automation, IT process automation software that saves your time, cost and efforts which you can now invest in developing your business.

VisualCron offers your business various benefits that you can harness to make your business grow. So, Get a price quote today!  

What You Ought to Know about Encryption Automation

Security breach is not an unheard or unusual thing in the business world. It is rather running quite rampant and that is the very reason businesses are investing tremendously in their IT security firewalls and detection systems. But it is not enough and the continuous search of something more to protect their data have bring Encryption Automation into play.

Encryption is basically the translation of data into a secret code which is an effective way to achieve the data security. Encryption automation allows you to perform the encryption without manual intervention. It further doesn’t need to wait for a decryption to start, stop or restart.  

Types of Encryption

There are two types of encryptions that are widely used today namely symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption. Basically, the name is derived for their use for encryption or decryption from the same key.

Symmetric Encryption - In this encryption, the same secret key, which is used for turning data into an unintelligent form, is used for encryption and decryption. Therefore, needs a secure method for the key transfer between the recipient and sender.

Asymmetric Encryption - In Asymmetric encryption, a different key that is the idea of key pair is used for encryption and decryption is used. One of the keys is known as the private key which is kept secret by the owner. The other key is the public key which is shared among the people or authorized recipients.


Automation, typically makes use of automatic equipment in the encryption process to monitor and control it. Encryption could bring a lot of benefits to your company, take a look at them before making your decision.

Complete Protection

VisualCron protects your data in all forms, in transit and at rest, giving you a piece of mind. The safety of your data depends on the data encryption software you have installed. So, it is imperative that you go for a vigor program to protect your data.


The security of data from theft, with the flooding of smartphones along with other devices, have made companies struggle to find a better solution. VisualCron ensures that your data is protected across multiple devices, eliminates the risk of infiltration while making it all the more manageable.

Establish Compliance

VisualCron is the one of the best and safest ways to comply with any restrictions that your company has in place presently. The business can store and transmit data along with ensuring the compliance.

Secure Movement

The data is most vulnerable in the transport phase. VisualCron as we discussed above, ensures the safety of your data at all times and in all states, even though the transport process.

Manage Integrity

Theft is not the only problem, alteration of data is as much a risk, which affects the integrity of the business’ data. Alteration is many a times looked upon. Visualcron make sure that data is safe from any such alterations and if the data is tempered with, the recipient will be able to know and see it.

As Business process automation has revolutionized the better working and cost cuttings, VisualCron encryption automation ensures the protection of your business data. So, get your price quote today and save your business.

5 Amazing Facts About Automation Tools

The automation of business processes is a highly strategic enabler of business agility and control. The aim today is to maximize automation which has been further accelerated by the technological advancements and the success of cloud computing. Efficiency and increased productivity is easy to relate with the Automation but the business automation tools also allows people to focus on big projects than menial tasks.

The Business Automation Tools such as VisualCron basically do more with less by reducing redundant tasks, introducing smart workflows and may even in some cases take the place of an employee. Automation of workflow, reduces the chances of mistakes, increases productivity and achieves the goal with little time lag.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing and interesting facts about VisualCron business automation tools:


Lack of proper information can make your clients upset and furious which amounts to poor customer service on your part. It mainly happens when information is all scattered across multiple systems or isn’t at the designed proper place or just outdated. VisualCron Automation streamlines the communication quite effectively between different departments. The retrieval of information becomes easy through simple and secure access to project reports and client interactions to the team.


VisualCron Business Automation tools not only facilitates communication, as we discussed above, but also improves the operational efficiency. Efficiency, to put it succinctly is the extent to which effort, cost and time has been effectively applied to a given purpose and task. VisualCron ensures that the time taken to achieve a task is reduced significantly along with the efforts undertaken and cost incurred, in the same. Automation also make sure that the best practices are being followed and errors eliminated.

Cost Reduction

Improvement in efficiency automatically reduces the cost by increasing the efforts and reducing the mistakes. As manual tasks are performed at a much slower rate than an automated one and one-at-a-time instead of bunches, it will cost you more. Manual tasks performed by people are also affected by human emotions, fatigue among many others which further affect the cost factor severely. VisualCron allows you to accomplish much more and that too by making use of fewer resources.   

Consistency with Quality

A happy customer means a thriving and successful business. And it requires consistent delivery of high quality products and customer services. VisualCron make sure of reliable and high quality results by performing every action identically. It ensures that your customers get to experience the same level of service every time they contact you or go through a follow-up process. Consistency with quality along with efficiency and time saving gives you an opportunity to develop a better featured product with no change in cost or time.


VisualCron, as we discussed above improves efficiency, reduces the errors made by humans and ensures consistency. Consistency of automation provides you reliability over your business operation. It gives you a competitive advantage in terms of reliable services and processes to your customers. All this provides a digital paper trail at one place which increase accountability. Better corporate governance is promoted as all the essential workflow is in place and in accordance with the legislation.   

VisualCron provides an easy way to develop visibility and improved accountability that are necessary for your company’s growth. If you are looking for an automation technology for your business, make an order and serve your clients the best way.


Top 3 Reasons Task Scheduler Will Change The Way You Think About Everything

For efficient and smooth running of a business, a number of task needs to be handled on a regular basis. Human intervention consumes a lot of time and are prone to errors.To make it easy for the business world, the Task Scheduler was introduced, which have proved to be highly beneficial in this industry. 

But, you should be clear on the fact that task schedulers are slightly different from the batch schedulers. Understanding the difference is necessary.

This blog will discuss the reasons as to why Task Scheduler will change the way you think about work.

You can send an automated email

It becomes very difficult for busy employees to keep a note of everything, from managing and delivering work on time, plus answering to emails. But, you can make the replying to emails part easy by using a task scheduler, which can send automated emails. Task scheduling is not as simple job as batch scheduling. What you need to do is set up a Send Email on your desktop. Once, it’s ready you simply have to create the scheduled task for the email to automatically reply to the coming mails. For example, when we buy some items from an e commerce website, we automatically receive a ‘thank you’ mail. This is not sent by a person, but it is an automated email.

You can schedule monthly backups to the Cloud

Important files and data forms an important part of any business. You must have stored a lot of such essential data in your desktop or laptop or even a hard drive. But, what if something happens to your hardware or your system crashes? How will you retrieve it. To evade such a circumstance one stores the data on cloud. But, manually storing all the data will consume time and maybe subject to error. So, the best way is by using the task scheduler. You can schedule the task and set the time when you need the job to be done. The task scheduler will automatically take the backup of all data from your system and store it in the drive. So, you save a lot of time and utilize this time to do some other work.

You can download important files from a remote system

Imgine a situation, when you are not in your workplace and require to download a few important files. What to do in such a situation? Come all the way to your office and do the work? Obviously NO! This is when a task scheduler comes to the rescue. Windows task scheduler works best with VisualCron. VisualCron’s local and remote filter of the task scheduler lets the user select the file types that requires downloads at certain intervals. Even there is option of advanced filtering of folders by date, time and other options. Once the user gives the task command, the auto upload and download gets activated.

With these three amazing features of task scheduler you know how much beneficial it can be for a business. The task automation can be implied on any windows program. With VisualCron, it becomes easy to handle windows operating system without much hassle of program errors. Even if some error arises, an error log gets created, leaving the action to be taken by the user. To get your own task scheduler Order Today!

4 Reasons Automation Is Better Than Manual Tasking

With a highly competitive market, the businesses always looks for better ways to grow and in such a scenario what can be more effective than automation? Automation is synonymous to increased efficiency and productivity. For crucial business tasks, more and more enterprises are focusing on automation.

This blog will discuss four basic reasons, which makes automation far better than manual tasking.

Human beings are prone to errors

Windows automation software's have become the best companions for various businesses. Humans are by nature prone to errors. They are judgemental, use their logic and have opinions. They are adaptable and are variable, which makes them prone to make more mistakes often. Humans can only work in an environment where they can adapt to, where they feel they can connect and work happily. Office grudges are a common occurrence and all these factors leads to human errors. Sometimes, the mood of the individual is not good or maybe he/she is going through some personal problems, all these will have a direct impact on their work.

But, as far as Windows Automation Softwares are concerned, these are error free and makes work a lot easier for you. VisualCron’s automation tools are very friendly to use and will enhance your business by doing all the work error free.

Automation works 24x7

If you have a lot of pending tasks, you cannot ask your employees to stay back and work a 24 hour shift. But, with automation, your task will continue working on their own. All you need to do is set the time and the task. With Powershell Automation of VisualCron, you can easily automate work, by using its full capabilities by triggering the powershell.exe.

Proper management of work

A business requires to maintain a few tasks like maintaining a proper relation with the client, visibility of work and proper management of documents. Delivering high quality work and a great customer service is easily possible with automation. Another factor that comes here is accountability. There are certain times, when the fingers are pointed at the employees for misplacement of files, mixing up of documents and such more errors. With windows automation, the company will have account of where things are going wrong and most importantly, all the works will be smooth enough. It will also be easy for finding certain documents. VisualCron software automations are user friendly and provides all kinds of support to your business.

Time Saver

The best thing about automation is that it saves a lot of time. If the work has to be conducted manually by humans, not only they will be prone to errors, but to deliver the highest standard of work, the time taken will be much more. Automation reduces the time that the employees consume for a particular tasks and allows them with free time to indulge in some other work, where automation cannot be done. Productivity is the crucial factor for a business and windows automation software is the ingredient to achieve that.

So, now you know how much beneficial can VisualCron’s automation tools be for enhancing your business. To know more about the service and Get your price quote get in touch with VisualCron today!

The Easy Way To Eliminate Human Errors In Your Business

To run a successful business you require good and talented individuals for handling various kinds of tasks. But, humans are prone to errors. Small mistakes in a business can lead to great loss, which will not be very much welcoming for the owner. So, how can you eliminate human errors and deliver a high quality, error free work to your clients?

This blog will discuss three basic ways that can keep your clients satisfied and thus in turn enhance your business.

Using Automated job tools

There are certain official tasks that are hectic, boring or you do not have the time to do it. In such a case, you can use Automated Job Tools to complete the tasks hassle free. Let us take an example to make this point clear. Suppose there are a list of work that you are scheduled to do like you retrieve an information from the database, copies and saves the information, checks the errors and then send the files to the recipients. All this will be time consuming.

With automated job tools, you can perform this task with much ease and in a very short span of time. This can be performed by using SQL scripts, which automatically will get connected to the database, will execute the command and give an output in the form of a text file containing the result. It will also look for errors and send the file to the recipient. With the help of software automation of VisualCron, you can automate a lot of business work and leave the stress aside.

Scheduling your task with task schedulers

Business processes are complex and consumes a lot of our time. To make things simpler, a Windows task scheduler can be the best companion. It works best with VisualCron automation software's. A Task Scheduler is capable of handling data, minute tasks like to dos and appointments and technical algorithm based processes. One can easily set the tasks in the scheduler like generating informative data, downloading of files at a certain time, backing up of important data on cloud and much more. These works will be carried out without errors. Human work requires monitoring and more prone to errors. Therefore you can make your business grow by using VisualCron’s task scheduler, which will complete all the work at a much lesser time.

It is also capable of performing certain functions parallely like file sharing, task assigning and chat windows. Thus, the employees find it easy to work with task schedulers and the business heads can easily monitor the workflow.

Sending and managing important emails automatically

Replying to emails and sending the customers specific emails based on their interest consumes a lot of time. Hence, automated emails are the best options. By this software automation process of VisualCron. Let’s cite an example here. With the automated email you can automatically respond to the emails, send new emails to the subscribes about various offers and deals. Even you can use this automation to make welcome campaigns for every sign up. In short, a lot of time will be saved, which can be used for other business work.

Thus, with these three software automation, you can easily eliminate human errors in your business as well as all the work will get completed in a much lesser time. Get your own software automation's today by contacting VisualCron.

Here's why using Job Scheduler is so Awesome

Companies nowadays require Automation Solutions to achieve high levels of productivity, availability and reliability to coordinate the complex operations across different systems.  Automation software has become the necessity of the business world as it provides a centralized communication, cost reduction, elimination of redundancy and increased efficiency. Job Scheduler, commonly known as Batch Scheduling is one such automation tool that controls the unattended background execution of different jobs.

VisualCron is the advanced, better equipped and more effective Batch Scheduler. Maintaining a schedule in relation to administration and organization, is not a simple task. It is quite a difficult job comprising of several tasks, requiring a job scheduler to perform it efficiently.

Let’s take a look at the different characterics or the advantages served by Batch or Job Scheduler that makes it so awesome:

Attain Objectives

VisualCron job scheduler helps the organization in meeting the service requirements regarding the transaction values and output. This automation further helps IT in becoming a reliable service provider to the business.

Increased Productivity

An amazing way to increase the productivity of your business is to get acquainted with VisualCron. The output increases to a significant level by the automation of job scheduling. By eliminating the time lag between the jobs and minimizing the operator interventions, you can save a lot of time and money. You can take advantage of larger and better work processing, efficient use of systems and more time in your hands, by not allowing your computer to remain idle with the help of VisualCron.   


A greater availability can be achieved and further facilitated through centralized automation and control. It has become a necessity in this networking environment. A single operator placed at a centre console can observe the critical functions while remote resources are applied to business issues. Continuous monitoring makes it easier to spot any crucial trends concerning network performance.

Cost Reduction

Costs are always increasing and more so with IT budgets being continually under pressure. The key here is to reduce these operational costs. VisualCron helps you out in driving down theses costs by reducing the number of personnel required for particular tasks. Along with this, VisualCron enables you to better utilize your infrastructure. You can utilise this job scheduler to improve your ROI while spending less and getting more from resources.

Higher Reliability

VisualCron make sure that jobs haven’t run out of sequence or forgotten. It also keeps a tab on the input data that it is correct, any special processing required is performed and all the prerequisite jobs are completed on time and successfully. There’s a considerable exposure to risk with integrated LAN processing and the network encompassing multiple operating systems. VisualCron provides the best help in mitigating the risk, coordinating operations and increasing the reliability.

This way, job scheduler helps the business and  defines its awesome-ness. To better automate your business schedules, order now!

Things to know about general automation: Why You Need It

A long time has passed when businesses had started recognizing the need for a more sophisticated technology that can bring down the daily challenges of data handling in work environment. As computers and technologies have advanced, more applications and subsequent processes have become the part of our daily work routine. Consuming the services and application benefits is another story but managing them had become a task in itself. It certainly demanded extra efforts and manforce to regularly conduct the task management.

An idea called automation is thus accepted globally and was pushed to an extent that we can now enjoy the automation applications like VisualCron that is specifically created for windows platform. In simple words, the automation software like VisualCron takes care of the huge number of tasks and processes, no matter if they are running in foreground or background. While you consume a cup of coffee and work on some priority project, VisualCron can take care of those necessary file functions, uploads, downloads, system boots up and such functions quite efficiently.

Idea of Remote Management

Networking and Internet have definitely made our life easier but the threats associated with them like malware attacks demands a good security protection. With remote management, you can access the servers with the administrator privileges even when you are not there. The consistent monitoring and rectifying the issues simultaneously keeps your system well protected.


Automation works for you and generates logs and reports. These are very useful to summarize the network and task activities. In case, some task is successfully triggered but not completed, you can run it again. Triggers are particularly useful in executing a task and running a process on a preset conditions. Here, you can make the good use of time and technology to cut down the cost and increase the efficiency.

Automation Types

Automation is of various kinds. From tasks and processes that run in foreground and background to FTP, Batch and exe files, powershell integration for better and fast results, cloud and encryption functions, Database and robotic processes, nearly everything can be automated using VisualCron.

Real Time Automation

The information and its representation are two separate things and while VisualCron is equipped with resources to handle the automation functions efficiently, it represents the real time data and associated calculations very well so that the user can remain updated about the tasks progress and status.

Assign Tasks by Using the Powershell Automation With VisualCron

With the advancement of technology, businesses have reaped its benefits. Handling all the requirements of a business single handedly , within a given span of time is not possible in today’s date. Hence, automation platforms like Powershell acts as the saviour in such cases.

PowerShell is a word that we often get to hear. But what is it? Powershell is something which makes your work easy by its automation platform. It is a scripting language for the Windows and the Windows server, that makes your task easy by managing your systems. It works on the .NET framework and provides good output and properly controls the Window’s environment.

In case of Powershell, the tasks are generally performed by cmdlets. These cmdlets are special commands which implements specific functions, following a Verb-Noun naming pattern. It functions as a pipeline, by putting their output result as a collection and can receive the input in a desired form, thus making them easy to use as recipients.

Powershell is also useful in hosting API, by putting the Powershell runtime within the frame of other applications.

Powershell Automation with VisualCron

Windows Job Scheduler is your best companion at work. It helps to make your work easy. Now, with VisualCron, you can use the powershell automation at its best. VisualCron is basically an automation software, empowering the powershell for better performance further, using its full capabilities. VisualCron triggers the powershell.exe, hence making it easy for you to set the tasks in it.

Are you thinking that you do not have a sound knowledge of technology and hence, will find it difficult to use VisualCron. Worry not, as VisualCron has a very user friendly approach and even a non technical person can handle it with ease. VisualCron automates the tasks and processes of windows and it also tracks the errors easily that powershell execution creates.

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Want to apply schedules between Jobs? VisualCron Triggers will take care of that.

With growing business needs, the demand for automation is rising. To manage the whole process of proper management and organization of work, what can be better than triggers, using which all tasks can be performed with ease. Whether it is logging in the operating system or automatic emailing, a task closure or performing a task between intervals, VisualCron triggers is the best option that you can choose from. It will help you to automate the task executions as per your needs.

What is a Trigger?

Triggers are basically rules which are customized to help you with your work by its automation feature. The whole process involves the collision of these customized rules with the algorithm structure of the software to help you enable a set of tasks. As the time of the listed task will come up, the execution will start on its own.

To put it in simple terms, suppose you need to download something after two hours and once the download is complete, you need to shut down the windows. But, after two hours you will not be present manually, hence you take the help of the trigger. By enlisting in it the tasks you want to perform after two hours, you continue working on other things. Exactly at the time which is set, the process of download will start automatically and the windows will shut down later.

Various Kinds of Triggers

There are various kinds of triggers that can help you get your work done at scheduled intervals.

File Triggers helps in monitoring the changes made i a file system and also has the feature of retrieving the entire folder later.

Task scheduler software makes life easy by enabling the user to schedule a task on a certain day at a certain time and even gives the option of putting up specific intervals.

The Process and Registry trigger also makes tasks easy for you by starting and stopping notifications of your system and can monitor a change in the registry values and keys respectively. The Registry trigger allows the user to access the changes remotely.

The Email trigger is very popular among users. With this it is possible to monitor a mailbox using protocol. With this trigger, various actions can be performed with the email. For example- to send an immediate automated email to the sender.

The RSS trigger lets the user to manage the RSS feed for change by accessing it remotely.

The cloud file trigger is often helpful for small as well as large enterprises. It helps to access and monitor files in various cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

The days for performing tasks on your windows manually are gone. It is the age of doing everything through automation, With VisualCron you will get the benefits of automation services on your windows. Do not worry if you do not have good programming skills. VisualCron automation, integration and task scheduling tool for windows is easy to use, making life and work simple.

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